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witch, minion
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wizard rabbit, wall breaker, archer, barbarian, pekka 2
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archer, hog rider, skeleton, wall breaker
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ghost, witch, wizard, barbarian, archer, goblin
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coc splash, giant, pekka, barbarian
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coc hero, king , queen
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coc attack, barbarian, giant, balloon, pekka, wizard
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coc logo, wizard, barbarian, archer
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coc war, giant, balloon, archer, wizard
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heroes, archer queen, barbarian king
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wizard rabbit, wall breaker, archer, barbarian, pekka
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coc war, coc splash, archer, barbarian, pekka, cannon
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coc drawing nice troops
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coc splash, barbarian, archer, wizard
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giant, barbarian, wall breaker
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balloon, giant, archer tower
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