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Town Hall 11 collection maps/layouts Christmass 2019 with Links
Town Hall 13 collection maps/layuots Christmass 2019 with Links
Town Hall 12 collection bases Christmass 2019 with Links
Unlike many other pages (and me in the past), I don’t wanted to just post bases in an endless row that nobody could use because it’s not proven that they will work and also I don’t see the point in posting countless bases when you actually only need one for your home village and one for Clan War at Town Hall 12.
So you’re looking for a new base for your Town Hall 10? Good you’re on this page…
What base does protect your Town Hall 9 Home Village right now? You want a base that is able to defend well and there are many different attacking strategies at TH9 that can crush it.
Many people think that the base is not that important in Clan Wars because you have 2 attacks but only 1 base – so you can get 6 Stars by only losing 3 Stars.