Town Hall 6 - CoC Trophy Base Links

Download/Copy Trophy Base links , Maps, Layouts for Town Hall 6 in Home Village of Clash of Clans

BH6 Farm/War/Trophy base v13
2 days ago264 Views164 Down3 Likes0 !
 TH6 War Trophy base v28 - anti 3 stars
2 months ago11871 Views6764 Down191 Likes75 !
 TH6 War Trophy Base v27
3 months ago5904 Views2158 Down101 Likes14 !
 TH6 War Trophy Base v26
3 months ago7138 Views3703 Down130 Likes13 !
 TH6 War Trophy Base v25
3 months ago2574 Views735 Down24 Likes2 !
TH6 Trophy Hybrid Base v3
3 months ago846 Views155 Down5 Likes0 !
TH6 Trophy Farm Base v2
3 months ago2504 Views1374 Down29 Likes2 !
BH6 War Base v10
4 months ago5781 Views2670 Down103 Likes8 !
BH7 Best Base v6 - anti 2 star
4 months ago3520 Views2016 Down48 Likes2 !
Th6 trophy war base - anti 2 star
4 months ago12989 Views7698 Down251 Likes15 !
TH6 Best Base v1
5 months ago6227 Views2869 Down120 Likes7 !
5 months ago6112 Views2833 Down71 Likes7 !
Basic TH6 farming base
6 months ago9221 Views5483 Down161 Likes6 !
TH6 Defense base
6 months ago16787 Views13410 Down588 Likes31 !
Base th6 war , farming
6 months ago7806 Views5318 Down198 Likes9 !
TH6 Top Base Layout
6 months ago4071 Views1934 Down65 Likes4 !
[TH6] best base anti giant-wiz
6 months ago5892 Views3306 Down94 Likes9 !