Town Hall 3 - CoC Base Maps Links

Download/Copy Base links, Maps, Layouts with War, Hybrid, Trophy, Farming for Town Hall 3 in Home Village for Clash of Clans

TH3 Farm/Trophy #5
3 years ago178461 Views93240 Down338 Likes102 !
TH3 progress base v4
4 years ago13998 Views2218 Down742 Likes366 !
 Th3 best base v3 - farm, war, trophy
4 years ago143617 Views49669 Down8422 Likes3570 !
 Th3 best base v2
4 years ago91164 Views33168 Down333 Likes78 !
 Th3 best base v1
4 years ago367290 Views209579 Down7460 Likes1802 !
TH3 Successful farming base
4 years ago11311 Views3286 Down33 Likes12 !
TH3 best Base
4 years ago118506 Views52917 Down2443 Likes723 !
TH3 Anti Barch War Base 2019
4 years ago56315 Views15881 Down1374 Likes535 !