Town Hall 5 - CoC Trophy Base Links

Download/Copy Trophy Base links , Maps, Layouts for Town Hall 5 in Home Village of Clash of Clans

TH5 War/Trophy base v15
14 hours ago47 Views12 Down1 Likes1 !
TH5 Farm/Trophy base v14
14 hours ago28 Views6 Down0 Likes0 !
TH5 War/Trophy base v13
14 hours ago14 Views4 Down0 Likes0 !
TH4 Farm/Trophy base v58
4 days ago924 Views443 Down32 Likes4 !
TH5 Best base v22
15 days ago1036 Views442 Down24 Likes2 !
TH5 War base v12 Anti-Loon
25 days ago1910 Views698 Down73 Likes14 !
TH5 War/Trophy/Farm base v11
a month ago5810 Views3378 Down201 Likes19 !
TH5 War/Trophy base v10
a month ago1190 Views381 Down14 Likes3 !
TH5 War/Trophy/Farm base v9
2 months ago3832 Views1964 Down78 Likes8 !
TH5 War/Trophy base v8
2 months ago914 Views215 Down8 Likes5 !
TH5 Farm/Trophy/War base v6
2 months ago1613 Views505 Down31 Likes2 !
TH5  War/Trophy/Farm Base v5
3 months ago14057 Views9039 Down398 Likes38 !
TH5  War/Trophy Base v4
3 months ago7932 Views3776 Down215 Likes24 !
TH5  War/ Trophy Base v3 - Anti Loon/3 Star
4 months ago2793 Views1005 Down39 Likes5 !
TH5 Progress Trophy Base v2
4 months ago2889 Views1008 Down39 Likes10 !
TH5 | War/ Trophy Base v1
6 months ago7272 Views3529 Down135 Likes5 !
TH5 good Base for war
7 months ago10565 Views7119 Down301 Likes19 !