Town Hall 5 - CoC Trophy Base Links

Download/Copy Trophy Base links , Maps, Layouts for Town Hall 5 in Home Village of Clash of Clans

TH5  War/Trophy/Farm Base v5
19 days ago5623 Views3509 Down190 Likes26 !
TH5  War/Trophy Base v4
a month ago4521 Views2340 Down157 Likes21 !
TH5  War/ Trophy Base v3 - Anti Loon/3 Star
a month ago1691 Views727 Down25 Likes4 !
TH5 Progress Trophy Base v2
a month ago1834 Views808 Down23 Likes5 !
TH5 | War/ Trophy Base v1
4 months ago6036 Views3083 Down121 Likes4 !
TH5 good Base for war
4 months ago8303 Views5912 Down260 Likes14 !
Th5 Trophy Base - anti 2 star
4 months ago4047 Views2952 Down96 Likes3 !
Best TH5 War Base [Anti GiWi] 2019
5 months ago2120 Views815 Down23 Likes3 !
Best TH5 Anti GiWi - Anti 3 Star War Base
5 months ago1250 Views432 Down10 Likes0 !
TH5 Farming, Trophy base
5 months ago923 Views347 Down7 Likes0 !
Th5 War Base Design
5 months ago4259 Views1922 Down68 Likes3 !
Best TH5 Anti 3 Star War Base 2019
5 months ago1240 Views363 Down6 Likes0 !
a good Th5 base
5 months ago13395 Views10911 Down478 Likes20 !
TH5 base anti 3 stars
5 months ago3129 Views1663 Down57 Likes3 !
TH5 War base
5 months ago2793 Views1043 Down26 Likes1 !
Th4-5 war/trophy base
5 months ago7003 Views4773 Down161 Likes9 !