Town Hall 8 - CoC Base Maps Links

Download/Copy Base links, Maps, Layouts with War, Hybrid, Trophy, Farming for Town Hall 8 in Home Village for Clash of Clans

TH8 War/Trophy/Farm base v52
a day ago261 Views100 Down5 Likes2 !
TH8 War/Trophy base v51
a day ago471 Views285 Down15 Likes0 !
TH8 War/Trophy base v50
9 days ago1538 Views535 Down29 Likes6 !
TH8 Fun Troll Progress base - Royal Champion
10 days ago279 Views124 Down5 Likes1 !
TH8 Progress/Update base v49
10 days ago164 Views79 Down1 Likes0 !
TH8 Trophy/War base v48
13 days ago3800 Views2202 Down119 Likes16 !
TH8 Trophy/Hybrid base v48
13 days ago719 Views163 Down7 Likes1 !
TH8 Fun Troll Trophy base - Dragon
16 days ago1228 Views221 Down16 Likes1 !
TH8 Fun Troll Progress base - Heart & Arrow
18 days ago467 Views227 Down9 Likes2 !
TH8 Trophy/Farm base v47
19 days ago2839 Views1665 Down66 Likes7 !
TH8 Fun Troll Farm base - two Hearts
19 days ago2079 Views929 Down51 Likes10 !
TH8 Trophy/Farm base v46
19 days ago2573 Views1196 Down61 Likes10 !
TH8 Trophy/Farm base v45
19 days ago1815 Views720 Down28 Likes3 !
TH8 War Trophy Hybrid base v44
19 days ago2223 Views834 Down41 Likes7 !
TH8 War Trophy v43 - anti 3 stars
25 days ago1638 Views596 Down21 Likes6 !
TH8 Fun Troll Progress base - Helicopter
a month ago826 Views485 Down17 Likes2 !
TH8 War Trophy v42 - anti 3 stars
a month ago3679 Views2648 Down96 Likes9 !