Town Hall 8 - CoC Farming Base Links

Download/Copy Farming Base links , Maps, Layouts for Town Hall 8 in Home Village of Clash of Clans

TH8 War/Trophy base v53
3 days ago576 Views207 Down13 Likes4 !
TH8 War/Trophy/Farm base v52
7 days ago1289 Views507 Down27 Likes7 !
TH8 Trophy/War base v48
18 days ago5700 Views3320 Down178 Likes21 !
TH8 Trophy/Farm base v47
25 days ago3130 Views1781 Down67 Likes7 !
TH8 Fun Troll Farm base - two Hearts
25 days ago2385 Views1069 Down55 Likes11 !
TH8 Trophy/Farm base v45
25 days ago2051 Views792 Down28 Likes3 !
TH8 Farming Base v33
2 months ago957 Views592 Down15 Likes3 !
TH8 Loot Base v30
2 months ago3118 Views2096 Down55 Likes4 !
TH8 War Trophy Base v29
2 months ago8259 Views5452 Down160 Likes13 !
TH8 Best Base v28
2 months ago3710 Views2161 Down50 Likes6 !
TH8 Best Base v27
2 months ago12222 Views8739 Down277 Likes16 !
Th8 Farming base pro v26
3 months ago10285 Views8780 Down305 Likes13 !
TH8 DE Farming Hybrid Base v1
3 months ago1539 Views809 Down24 Likes0 !
TH8 Dark Elixir farming base v2
3 months ago1121 Views297 Down3 Likes1 !
Th8 Best Base v2
3 months ago3997 Views2147 Down61 Likes2 !
Th8 farm base v10
3 months ago801 Views256 Down4 Likes2 !
Th8 farm base v9
3 months ago790 Views297 Down9 Likes0 !