Town Hall 8 - CoC Hybrid Base Links

Download/Copy Hybrid Base links , Maps, Layouts for Town Hall 8 in Home Village of Clash of Clans

TH8 War/Trophy/Diamond/Hybrid base #87
a month ago6643 Views3300 Down138 Likes7 !
TH8 War/Trophy/Hybrid base #83
a month ago3521 Views1889 Down64 Likes9 !
TH8 War/Trophy/Hybrid base #82
a month ago4182 Views1785 Down61 Likes7 !
TH8 War/Trophy base v68
3 months ago15220 Views7996 Down455 Likes43 !
TH8 Hybrid/Farm/Trophy base v63
4 months ago30719 Views23391 Down1206 Likes88 !
TH8 Hybrid/Trophy base v62
4 months ago2101 Views450 Down22 Likes4 !
TH8 War/Trophy/Hybrid base v57
4 months ago11241 Views6425 Down180 Likes18 !
TH8 Trophy/Hybrid base v48
6 months ago2300 Views370 Down17 Likes2 !
TH8 Fun Troll Trophy base - Dragon
6 months ago4549 Views797 Down36 Likes7 !
TH8 Fun Troll Farm base - two Hearts
6 months ago6946 Views2987 Down138 Likes23 !
TH8 War Trophy Hybrid base v44
6 months ago6530 Views2027 Down91 Likes13 !
TH8 Fun Troll Progress base - Helicopter
6 months ago3422 Views1888 Down67 Likes6 !
TH8 War Trophy v41 - anti 3 stars
7 months ago3478 Views1432 Down37 Likes3 !
 TH8 Fun Troll Progress base - Horse
7 months ago1663 Views672 Down23 Likes1 !
TH8 Fun Troll Progress base - Pipe
7 months ago1736 Views786 Down15 Likes2 !