Town Hall 7 - CoC War Base Links

Download/Copy War Base links , Maps, Layouts for Town Hall 7 in Home Village of Clash of Clans

TH7 War/Trophy base v34
7 days ago1738 Views649 Down38 Likes4 !
TH7 War Trophy Hybrid base v29
25 days ago6173 Views3260 Down150 Likes20 !
TH7 Trophy Farm base v28 - anti 3 stars
a month ago2036 Views1046 Down39 Likes11 !
TH7 War Farm Base v26 - Anti 3 Stars
a month ago5152 Views4097 Down184 Likes30 !
TH7 War Trophy Base v24 - Anti 2 Stars
a month ago3616 Views1916 Down59 Likes8 !
TH7 War Trophy Base v22 - Anti 3 Stars
a month ago1098 Views329 Down12 Likes2 !
TH7 War Trophy Base v21 - Anti 3 Stars
2 months ago1701 Views781 Down25 Likes7 !
TH7 War Trophy Base v20
2 months ago10015 Views6112 Down224 Likes20 !
TH7 Farm Trophy Base v19 - anti 2 star
2 months ago13167 Views9873 Down411 Likes24 !
TH7 War Trophy Base v18 - anti 2 star
2 months ago6162 Views3757 Down119 Likes6 !
Th7 War base v14
3 months ago2560 Views921 Down42 Likes1 !
Th7 Compact base v13
3 months ago15178 Views10655 Down480 Likes14 !
BH7 Best Base v4
3 months ago6802 Views4192 Down114 Likes10 !
TH7 war base v3
3 months ago2815 Views765 Down23 Likes0 !
Th7 unbeatable war base
3 months ago9714 Views6656 Down210 Likes10 !
TH7 war base v2
4 months ago1350 Views312 Down11 Likes0 !