Town Hall 7 - Trophy Base with Link

Download Trophy Base , Maps, Layouts for Town Hall 7 in Home Village of Clash of Clans

TH7 War Trophy Base v20
17 days ago3927 Views1801 Downloads65 Likes
TH7 Farm Trophy Base v19 - anti 2 star
17 days ago4880 Views2876 Downloads124 Likes
TH7 War Trophy Base v18 - anti 2 star
17 days ago1911 Views948 Downloads27 Likes
Th7 Best Base v15
a month ago1446 Views560 Downloads19 Likes
Th7 War base v14
a month ago1765 Views588 Downloads37 Likes
 BH7 Trophy Base v14
a month ago1400 Views375 Downloads12 Likes
Th7 Compact base v13
a month ago8767 Views5735 Downloads261 Likes
TH7 Ring Trophy-Farm base v12
a month ago2186 Views1081 Downloads31 Likes
TH7 DE Farming base v11
a month ago457 Views74 Downloads2 Likes
 BH7 Trophy, Farm - Base v10
a month ago799 Views226 Downloads7 Likes
 BH7 Trophy, Farm - Square Base v9
a month ago933 Views379 Downloads15 Likes
 BH7 Trophy Base v7
a month ago374 Views87 Downloads3 Likes
BH7 Best Base v4
a month ago4302 Views2557 Downloads68 Likes
TH7 war base v3
a month ago1958 Views484 Downloads21 Likes
TH7 Best Farm/Trophy Base v9
a month ago1221 Views523 Downloads15 Likes
Th7 unbeatable war base
2 months ago6280 Views4297 Downloads152 Likes
TH7 Best Base v8
2 months ago993 Views511 Downloads15 Likes