Town Hall 7 - CoC Trophy Base Links

Download/Copy Trophy Base links , Maps, Layouts for Town Hall 7 in Home Village of Clash of Clans

TH7 War/Trophy base v34
9 days ago2177 Views825 Down52 Likes5 !
TH7 Farm/Trophy base v32
10 days ago382 Views98 Down4 Likes0 !
TH7 Farm/Trophy base v31
11 days ago845 Views301 Down9 Likes3 !
TH7 Farm/Trophy base v30
12 days ago490 Views160 Down7 Likes1 !
TH7 War Trophy Hybrid base v29
a month ago6772 Views3600 Down173 Likes22 !
TH7 Trophy Farm base v28 - anti 3 stars
a month ago2123 Views1066 Down40 Likes11 !
TH7 War Farm Base v26 - Anti 3 Stars
2 months ago5355 Views4189 Down189 Likes31 !
TH7 Bad Base v25
2 months ago548 Views201 Down8 Likes0 !
TH7 War Trophy Base v24 - Anti 2 Stars
2 months ago3732 Views1959 Down65 Likes8 !
TH7 War Trophy Base v22 - Anti 3 Stars
2 months ago1133 Views333 Down12 Likes2 !
TH7 War Trophy Base v21 - Anti 3 Stars
2 months ago1754 Views803 Down25 Likes8 !
TH7 War Trophy Base v20
2 months ago10261 Views6214 Down229 Likes21 !
TH7 Farm Trophy Base v19 - anti 2 star
2 months ago13525 Views10082 Down423 Likes25 !
TH7 War Trophy Base v18 - anti 2 star
2 months ago6279 Views3823 Down119 Likes6 !
Th7 Best Base v15
2 months ago2946 Views1570 Down48 Likes4 !
Th7 War base v14
3 months ago2590 Views929 Down42 Likes1 !