Town Hall 5 - CoC Base Maps Links

Download/Copy Base links, Maps, Layouts with War, Hybrid, Trophy, Farming for Town Hall 5 in Home Village for Clash of Clans

TH5  War/Trophy/Farm Base v5
22 days ago6864 Views4300 Down231 Likes30 !
TH5  War/Trophy Base v4
a month ago5084 Views2585 Down171 Likes23 !
TH5  War/ Trophy Base v3 - Anti Loon/3 Star
a month ago1842 Views764 Down28 Likes4 !
TH5 Progress Base v3
2 months ago427 Views167 Down4 Likes1 !
TH5 Progress Trophy Base v2
2 months ago1973 Views836 Down24 Likes6 !
TH5 - Progress Base v1 - Upgrade Layout
2 months ago990 Views299 Down8 Likes2 !
TH5 | Farm Base v1 - anti 2 star
4 months ago3560 Views1849 Down62 Likes7 !
TH5 | War/ Trophy Base v1
4 months ago6221 Views3166 Down125 Likes5 !
TH5 good Base for war
4 months ago8625 Views6064 Down266 Likes16 !
Best TH5 War Base [Anti GiLoon] 2019
4 months ago6975 Views3446 Down71 Likes6 !
Best TH5 War Base [Anti Loon] 2019
4 months ago1533 Views501 Down13 Likes0 !
Th5 Trophy Base - anti 2 star
4 months ago4164 Views3024 Down97 Likes3 !
Best TH5 War Base [Anti GiWi] 2019
5 months ago2205 Views831 Down23 Likes3 !
Best TH5 Anti GiWi - Anti 3 Star War Base
5 months ago1311 Views455 Down11 Likes0 !
TH5 Farming, Trophy base
5 months ago942 Views353 Down7 Likes0 !
Th5 War Base Design
5 months ago4425 Views1971 Down69 Likes3 !
Best TH5 Anti 3 Star War Base 2019
5 months ago1284 Views370 Down6 Likes0 !