Town Hall 5 - CoC War Base Links

Download/Copy War Base links , Maps, Layouts for Town Hall 5 in Home Village of Clash of Clans

TH5 Progress Trophy Base v2
4 days ago311 Views85 Downloads3 Likes
TH5 | War/ Trophy Base v1
2 months ago3844 Views1704 Downloads87 Likes
TH5 good Base for war
3 months ago5209 Views3265 Downloads145 Likes
Best TH5 War Base [Anti GiLoon] 2019
3 months ago2904 Views1514 Downloads41 Likes
Best TH5 War Base [Anti Loon] 2019
3 months ago894 Views260 Downloads7 Likes
Best TH5 War Base [Anti GiWi] 2019
3 months ago1308 Views414 Downloads13 Likes
Best TH5 Anti GiWi - Anti 3 Star War Base
4 months ago804 Views234 Downloads8 Likes
Th5 War Base Design
4 months ago2475 Views1045 Downloads36 Likes
Best TH5 Anti 3 Star War Base 2019
4 months ago761 Views190 Downloads5 Likes
a good Th5 base
4 months ago8467 Views6296 Downloads261 Likes
TH5 base anti 3 stars
4 months ago1778 Views840 Downloads29 Likes
TH5 War base
4 months ago1416 Views497 Downloads13 Likes
Th4-5 war/trophy base
4 months ago4092 Views2587 Downloads92 Likes