Town Hall 6 - CoC Farming Base Links

Download/Copy Farming Base links , Maps, Layouts for Town Hall 6 in Home Village of Clash of Clans

 TH6 War Trophy base v28 - anti 3 stars
4 days ago849 Views404 Downloads10 Likes
 TH6 Farming Base v27 - anti 2 star
23 days ago301 Views91 Downloads0 Likes
TH6 Trophy Farm Base v2
a month ago820 Views341 Downloads9 Likes
BH6 Farming Base v11
a month ago228 Views37 Downloads1 Likes
BH6 War Base v10
a month ago2684 Views1111 Downloads51 Likes
BH7 Best Base v6 - anti 2 star
2 months ago1616 Views738 Downloads18 Likes
3 months ago2856 Views1210 Downloads34 Likes
TH6 Farming base
4 months ago388 Views85 Downloads3 Likes
Basic TH6 farming base
4 months ago4447 Views2475 Downloads75 Likes
TH6 Pro base farming
4 months ago1154 Views346 Downloads15 Likes
4 months ago390 Views91 Downloads1 Likes
Base th6 war , farming
4 months ago3522 Views2226 Downloads84 Likes
TH6 Top Base Layout
4 months ago1910 Views810 Downloads28 Likes
[TH6] best base anti giant-wiz
4 months ago2901 Views1538 Downloads42 Likes
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TH12 War,Trophy Base v119
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TH10 | War Base | Anti 3 Star
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Th 9 War base v2
3 months ago377 Views48 Downloads3 Likes
Th7 trophy base v2
3 months ago786 Views254 Downloads11 Likes
TH9 Safe base
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