Town Hall 7 - CoC Farming Base Links

Download/Copy Farming Base links , Maps, Layouts for Town Hall 7 in Home Village of Clash of Clans

TH7 Trophy/War/Farm base - 4 Island
18 hours ago216 Views100 Down5 Likes2 !
TH7 Trophy/War/Farm base v43
17 days ago1735 Views498 Down69 Likes14 !
TH7 Trophy/War/Farm base v42
21 days ago2650 Views936 Down102 Likes15 !
TH7 Trophy/War/Farm base v41
24 days ago2423 Views965 Down65 Likes8 !
TH7 Trophy/War/Farm base v40
25 days ago3562 Views2137 Down100 Likes12 !
TH7 Farm/Trophy/War base v36
2 months ago2516 Views946 Down40 Likes3 !
TH7 DE Farming base v35
2 months ago1022 Views371 Down11 Likes0 !
TH7 Farm/Trophy base v32
3 months ago1023 Views251 Down9 Likes0 !
TH7 Farm/Trophy base v31
3 months ago2551 Views909 Down30 Likes6 !
TH7 Farm/Trophy base v30
3 months ago1585 Views459 Down18 Likes3 !
TH7 War Trophy Hybrid base v29
3 months ago14983 Views8271 Down363 Likes40 !
TH7 War Farm Base v26 - Anti 3 Stars
4 months ago8378 Views5634 Down244 Likes44 !
TH7 Bad Base v25
4 months ago845 Views217 Down9 Likes1 !
TH7 Farm Base v23 - Anti 2 Stars
4 months ago856 Views486 Down10 Likes1 !
TH7 Farm Trophy Base v19 - anti 2 star
5 months ago19754 Views13623 Down579 Likes44 !
Th7 Best Base v15
5 months ago3700 Views1798 Down50 Likes4 !