Best TH12 War Base & Trophy Base Layouts - Clash of Clans

Best TH12 War Base & Trophy Base Layouts - Clash of Clans

Best TH12 War Base & Trophy Base Layouts

So, instead, I decided to just have two bases here, 1x War Base for TH12 and 1x Trophy Base for TH12 that I will do an in-depth review on and show you why I really like them and how they served me from using it myself.

I’m sure this is more helpful than bombing you with a lot of bases

The TH12 War Base Design

Let’s start with the base design for Clan War:


Why I Think It Is The Best

I’ve been using it for several wars including Clan War Leagues and had very good experience with it. I’ve never been 3-Stared in about 20 attacks and here and there attacker only got 1-Star with less than 50% against this base.

Reason enough to use it? I guess so

But let’s have a closer look at the defensive capabilities…

General Layout Of The Base

It’s always tough to design a war base because there needs to be the perfect bridge between defending the 3-Star but also not making a 2-Star too easy, so this base here decided to put some more weight into also defending the Town Hall. This is good especially if you want to use in in Clan War League as well where the amoung of 2-Stars and the percentage often decide about the winner.

The other parts are more standard (that’s not bad) with the dead zone Inferno Towers and smaller compartments that use a smart way to arrange the defenses.

And how does it defend? Let’s have a look.

You’ll often see attacks like PEKKA Smash or Electrone lately that are quite powerful so a base you want to use for Clan War or Clan War Leagues needs to be hard to beat with these strategies.

Let’s have a look how this TH12 War Base performs.

First, the attacker needs to clear the outside perimeter to funnel troops in – especially with PEKKA Smash this is vital for the attack to perform well. With this perimeter, the attacker needs to invest like 50-80 housing space and won’t get much value since it’s only trash buildings he cleared.

Also, the dead zone Inferno Towers will lead the way of ground troops like PEKKA and Bowlers not to the Town Hall section and will make them ultimately fail to get the 2-Star or a high percentage.

On the other side, attacking right into the Town Hall section is really expensive as well, it will normally cost the heroes and also a ton of time with the Teslas distracting, cc troops being pulled and so on, this makes it already a good base.

But this also has another advantage and that’s for defending against Electro Dragon attacks – they need to attack into that section or they won’t get the Town Hall down and only have their 1-Star.

The problem (for them) is, they won’t survive much there and will get a lot of problems when entering the middle section of the base where they don’t have enough damage output anymore to slice through the base while the Eagle Artillery will be hard on them.

You can see here that only 4 Electro Dragons are left while the attacker sits on 35% 1-Star and there’s barely any chance to even reach the 2-Star:

Overall a nice pick for the upcoming CWL season and a solid option if you want to use a fresh base that is not used everywhere

The TH12 Trophy Base Design (Home Village)

To celebrate that clouding is not that issue anymore in the Legend league, I thought I will bring you a base that works great to push trophies as a Town Hall 12


Why I Think It Is The Best

Solid results from watching the replays, what else?

You will see a lot of below 50% 1-Stars and also failed attacks – and that’s what makes this base really great to use.

General Layout Of The Base The base has an asymmetrical setup with the Eagle Artillery in the core surrounded by smaller compartments and the Town Hall semi-exposed with an area that you can call “surprise, mo’f*cker!”.

Actually, when I see such a base I exactly know what i’m dealing with and I know there’s a Hidden Tesla farm paired with tons of traps in the corner – and this is no new thing to do.

Still, I’d say 1 out of 3 still set their Queen Charge in the corner to get the Town Hall. I’m not sure if they are really that blind to see the obvious or they just think they are smarter and still attack from there.

Don’t mind, don’t care the thing is it works and you only need to win 1 out of 4 defenses to make break-even and that’s something you can surely get with this base.

It’s always a joy to see a replay when the attacker did attack from the left corner and with all the Skeletons Traps, Hidden Teslas, Barbarian King and so on wasted more than one minute until he has the Town Hall taken down.

But let’s talk about what we need to defend here.

We have Queen Charges that are sill a massive thing to do (I also don’t do other things), so countering that is important to defend.

Then you see most attacking compositions with either Bowler/Witches combinations or Balloons/Electro Dragons – I’d say this is like 80% of all attacks you see and those are the attacks this base can really defend well against. And the other ones also very likely use Queen Charge as well so we’re in good standing here

Queen Charges

Even when the attacker doesn’t fall for the honeypot corner, the other edges are also great against Queen Charges because the Air Defenses are in spots where the queen can’t get them while they will be able to get the healers. This is a huge pain and can make Queen Charges fail easily and even give you a defensive win.

Electro Dragons & Balloons

The most effective attack Electro Dragons have is when they can use their chain lightning with full potential – and this TH12 base has a lot of spots where the chain won’t jump to another building because there’s too much space in between or they are lined up in a way it won’t jump.

This will make them deal less damage in the same time and take longer to wreck through the base – more Electro Dragons will go down and in the end, the attack will not get past the middle line of the base


This layout requires the attacker to overcome a lot of walls, the sections are not that large. Normally the attacker has one or two Jump Spells and this won’t be enough, so these troops will slamm walls sooner than later while the Eagle Artillery will make its shells rain on them and take them down fast.

I really recommend you to use this base – it’s fresh and there’s nothing you will regret

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