How to Clan Wars

So you would like to do some Clan Wars on Clash of Clans but you don't know anything about it. Don't worry, just read this article and then you'll be ready for Clan Wars.

How to Clan Wars

Starting a War

A Clan must have a minimum of 10 members to start a War Only Leaders and Co-Leaders can start a War By clicking the "Start War" button The matchmaking system will Automatically find match The War starts when a Match is found

Note: You cannot challenge a specific Clan.

Who can Participate in the War

You must be a member of the clan before the war starts. If you join the Clan after the war has started, you will be a spectator till the war is over. Leaving the Clan during a war doesn't affect the current war. Your base will still be apart of the war.

Note: You don't lose resources, Trophies or gain any Shield during a Clan War.

Clan War Overview

Matchmaking is based on the Strength of a base defenses, walls and Heroes strength. Clan Wars are a two day period: a Preparation Day and a Battle Day

Preparation day

You have 24 hours to do the following three things: Donate Troops Rearrange your Base Scout out Opponents

Donated Troops

Donate troops directly through the Clan War Castle, not by the traditional Clan Castle donation. Donated troops are permanent during the Clan War. Make sure your entire Clan has their Clan Castles full of troops.

Rearrange your "Clan War base"

Your Clan War base is a separate design used for just Clan Wars. Make sure your Town Hall is inside your base. All towers will be fully charged for each defense. Buildings that are being upgraded during the Clan War will be set to their lowest level and active.

Scout out Opponents

Attack same Town Hall Levels. Don't attack Town Halls below your level because you're taking attacks away from your Lower Level members. Don't attack higher Level Town Halls for the Loot, the objective in a Clan War is to get Stars. Leave higher Level Town Halls for your Higher Level members. Use these 24 hours to develop the best strategy.

Battle Day

You get two chances to attack two different bases. The troops you build in your normal base will be used to attack in the Clan War. Make sure your Heroes are at full health before attacking so they can be used during the Clan War attack. Your Clan Castle is automatically recharged with donated troops between attacks. You don't lose any resources from attacks in Clan Wars. The member who performs the best attack on a base, only his stars will count towards the war.

Goal: You goal is to gain Stars in order to win the War. Hint: Attack bases that haven't been attacked or haven't been one starred. Hint: Killing the Town Hall will give you an automatic one star win. Tip: Always make sure your Heroes are fully healed and you have your Spells created before attacking.

#### Calculating the Loot Bonus.

The loot bonus is calculated by the strength of base defenses. The stronger the base you attack, the more loot you can get.

Hint: In a Clan War don't focus on the Loot, focus on getting stars to win the War.

Clan War Aftermath

Winners get 100% of the loot bonus. The loot bonus is given by Clash of Clans, it's not taken from your opponents or your Clan. If there is a Tie you split the loot bonus.

Collecting the War Loot

Click on your Clan Castle after the war to collect your War Loot! If you don't collect your War Loot from your Clan Castle and are attacked, your opponent can steal a part of your War loot. If you don't need the resources, keep them in your Clan Castle: during a raid your enemy can only plunder 10% of the resources from your Clan Castle and 20% from your Storage. Furthermore your Clan Castle has a lot of hit points so it will be harder to get those resources.

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