Get Ready for Town Hall 13 - New Hero, Siege Machine, Troop & Defense - Clash of Clans

Get Ready for Town Hall 13 - New Hero, Siege Machine, Troop & Defense - Clash of Clans

Get Ready for Town Hall 13 - New Hero, Siege Machine, Troop & Defense

The sky darkens, and searing, fiery plasma arcs to incinerate its swarming foes…or at least that’s what we imagine happens when the Giga Inferno, the new signature defense of Town Hall 13, gets activated.

In today’s preview, we are officially revealing the design of Town Hall 13 and the Giga Inferno. Upgrading to Town Hall 13 will unlock several new features, but over the coming days we’ll be sharing those details. For today, we’re focusing on the star of the update: the Town Hall. In order to upgrade to Town Hall 13, you will have needed to fully upgrade your Town Hall 12 - including the Giga Tesla.

The theme of the Town Hall 13 update is “Dark Elixir and Ice” so you may notice a darker palette for this upcoming release. Where Town Hall 13 truly shines is when the Giga Inferno gets activated. Functioning similar to a multi-mode Inferno Tower, the Giga Inferno will target numerous attackers and will do damage over time.

Like the Giga Tesla, the Giga Inferno can be leveled multiple times. Once Town Hall 13 reaches zero Hit Points, the Giga Inferno will explode, dealing damage to any enemy units within range. However, when you’ve upgraded the Giga Inferno to level 3 and up, the explosion has an extra bonus effect: a haze of ice will blanket an area surrounding the destroyed Town Hall, slowing the enemies down for a duration of time depending on the level of the Giga Inferno.

Finally, even the Grand Warden’s Eternal Tome doesn’t grant full immunity to the effects of the Giga Inferno. While Eternal Tome may protect your troops from any damage that may be caused by the exploding Town Hall, it does not prevent your troops from being slowed down by the icing effect from the Giga Inferno’s explosive demise.

Stay tuned for additional TH13 update news over the next few days! Clash On!

Town Hall 13

Town Hall 13 is announced and we will get it this December in a big content update before Christmas. Here’s what you can look forward to.

The New Town Hall (with Giga Inferno)

The new Town Hall looks similar to Town Hall 12 but has a theme that Supercell calls “Dark Elixir and Ice”.

Town Hall 12 has the Giga Tesla, Town Hall 13 will get the Giga Inferno: That’s basically a multi-target Inferno Tower coming out of the Town Hall instead of a Tesla. When the Town Hall gets destroyed it will not only deal damage like TH12, it will also add a freeze and slow down to the troops (even the Grand Warden ability can’t prevent the slowdown, only the damage).

New Defense – Scattershot

Along with that, there’s also a Town Hall 13 exclusive defense that is a separate building -the Scattershot. text It’s pretty much like the defense-version of the Bowler. It shoots 3-10 tiles and after the initial hit, it will explode and target the troops behind the initial target. So, in cases where you deploy a Golem or any other tank and let your other troops walk save behind the tank, it can hit them so this can change a lot in how troop deployment will work.


Those numbers are huge in my opinion. This means a single hit from the Scattershot will not only severely damage a tank like the Giant, it can also one-shot kill a maxed Bowler when at Level 2! I know, those stats are not final yet but it looks like this defense will change a lot about how you can attack a base at TH13.

New TH13 Hero – Royal Champion

Following the current hero cycle, there will also be a new hero in Town Hall 13.

TH7 (Barbarian King), TH9 (Archer Queen) and TH12 (Grand Warden) show the line how heroes have been introduced to Clash of Clans in the past – in Town Hall 13 we will get the Royal Champion


She will be able to jump walls and target defenses as a favorite target with her spear. Her ability is throwing her shield that will hit the closest 4 defenses and deal massive damage to them.

First impression have been really powerful and along with the new troop I’m really interested to see how Supercell balanced all that out properly.

Here are the current stats from the dev build:


New Town Hall 13 Troop & Siege Machine – Yeti & Siege Barracks

Along with the update we will get a new Siege Machine exclusively for TH13 and a new troop that will be available at Town Hall 12 – the Yeti.


The Yeti is an interesting troop that takes elements from different other things in Clash of Clans.

It has a high amount of hitpoints and will target any building and also deal some decent damage. As soon as the Yeti received any damage, it will spawn up to 10 Yetimites and those have about 300 health and will jump walls and run towards the next defense where they will do also about 300 damage when reaching it.


We all know that Supercell does make new troops OP to motivate us to unlock and upgrade them but this one here is at a new level from what I’ve seen so far. Of course, it’s too soon to tell how it will work along the new Giga Inferno and the Scattershot but the mechanics make it almost impossible to defend.

What we know is that there will be a new Siege Machine called Siege Barracks – it will fall from the sky and release all troops after pre-deploying a PEKKA and several Wizards.


So, this Siege Machine will not allow you to land troops right in the inside of the base but will add a PEKKA and some WIzards to your Clan Castle troops and this can make a nice funnel helping hand.

TH13 Release Date

Supercell already announced that the update will be in December, Many people thought to see a “15” in that image but Supercell announced that this is not the desired update date

In my opinion with all the Sneak Peeks out there and a show off event on the weekend we’re very likely to see the update happening next week, probably already on Monday Dec 9th.

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