Best TH10 War Base & Trophy Base Layouts - Clash of Clans

Best TH10 War Base & Trophy Base Layouts - Clash of Clans

Best TH10 War Base & Trophy Base Layouts

Unlike many other sources, I don’t post here dozens of bases that will leave you with a guessing game which one is now actually working and which one is outdated – it’s messy to copy a base and then have to use for some time to see if it really works – well, that’s actually what I did here

I have here two bases for you that I have been testing for a few weeks – 1x war base for TH10 and 1x trophy base.

In addition, I don’t just show you the base design, I will also show you how it performed against different attacking strategies that are popular at Town Hall 10 and what defensive features make these bases working well. (Of course, I will update them frequently – especially after updates when the meta changes)

Sounds good? Let’s go.

The TH10 War Base Design

We start with the war base layout, so have a look at the complete base built:

Here’s the base layout:


Why I Think It Is The Best

Primarily good results in the wars that I have used it where it took multiple attempts to 3-Star it (and this always have been higher Town Halls, so that’s what we want with a TH10 War Base, right?).

Even some TH11 failed on this base

General Layout Of The Base

Not much special things goin on in this layout, it uses the current meta base building tools and it does that really effective.

You have the offset Town Hall to force attackers go through the opposite side and through the whole base. It uses large compartments with a lot of offset in between to make troops go further and also make any area effects less powerful plus a nice trash ring on the outside to mess with funneling.

In the current meta we will see many PEKKA Smash attacks as well as mass Hog Rider or mass Miner or also Electro Dragons (several from TH11 that go for the “easy” 3-Star here).

Let’s go through each one of them and have a look how this base performs against it.

First of all, the Queen Walk or Queen Charge that is part of so many attacks – in wars needed to pari up with the troops and forced to go from the opposite side of the base as the queen needs to survive.

First of all there’s no clean entry point so the attacker needs to adapt on-the-fly to what the queen does because it’s not 100% predictable what she will do. Also, there’s a load of point damage defenses that will force an early Rage Spell in the Healers in your favor.

Especially mass Miner, Hog Rider or PEKKA Smash will come with this move a lot.

Speaking of PEKKA Smash (or PEKKA Boat)… this strategy relyies heavily that the PEKKA will survive the core area due to their high health while the Bowlers will go down at some point. This layout helps a lot because at the point when only the high-hitpoint troops are left, the Single-Target Inferno Tower will play a strong move that can possibly wreck a whole attack or at least weaken them so much that they can’t get the 3-Star anymore.

Let’s have a look at the mass troop attacks – often performed by less-skilled players because they are easier to use.

When there’s a mass Hog Rider or mass Miner attack incoming – without a Queen Charge – the attacker will often use a suicide Queen/King combination with some extra troops to get the Town Hall and then hope to get the rest down with the Hogs/Miners.

In this case this never worked against this base layout – the defenses and traps are arranged that Hogs/Miners will group up heavily and then hit Spring Traps or Giant Bombs in big packs, dealing massively damage.

Also, the larger distance between the defenses ont he inside will make the Heal Spells less effective because the troops that rely on them (Hogs/Miners) will exit the area of effect a lot quicker so the healing power is lower

Often times I see these two strategies being used by TH11 – often the ones that fail to really perform well against other TH11s – that are the cleaners that should clean the lower THs for 3-Star and use these strategies because they are easy to use and also really strong so you don’t need a lot of skill – and you can get one attack out of them with this base layout.

The TH10 Trophy & Loot Base Design (Home Village)

Next up is a base that you can use for your Home Village to defend your trophies and your resources at the same time.

Here’s the base layout


Why I Think It Is The Best

It hasn’t been 3-Stared so far from other TH10 attackers in multiplayer and most of the time you’ll see a 1-Star or 2-Star leaving half of your loot in your base which is good. Of course, when a lazy TH12 hits your base, especially during Clan Games, this base is lost but there’s no way you can have a base that will defend an attacker being two Town Halls higher than you are

General Layout Of The Base

It’s not a ring base but the compartments around the center do work like a ring.

Right now you will see many attackers hit your base with mass Miner, LaLoon and all kinds of Witch/Bowler and other combinations paired with Queen Charges – so that’s what we want to focus on defending.

Let’s start how this Town Hall 10 base deals with Queen Charges or Queen Walks…

The Air Defenses are in great positions (5 tiles away from the walls), so the Queen can’t reach them and the Air Defense will target the Healers.

This puts you in a great spot, because with all the point defenses on the outside you forced the attacker to use an early rage spell in the healers just to see them go down shortly after that

Bowlers are also very common (althought I don’t recommend that when looking how expensive they are training, but that’s another story…) – and attacker will get problems funneling towards the Town Hall.

They often will see them turn left or right and miss the Town Hall or barely get the Town Hall with their heroes while the Inferno Towers are merciless dealing their damage on the troops.

When we talk about air attacks, we talk about LaLoon – the most classical and evergreen air attacking style that some attackers use for years now. This base counters them with the Air Sweepers that cover the upper 60% of the base and make it impossible for those attackers to actually get near the Town Hall with their troops.

The smart thing is, freezing the Air Sweeper won’t give the attacker extra value because he can’t get any other defense like the Inferno Towers so the freeze won’t make sense on the Air Sweepers – and I had a good amount of successful defense or very close 1-Star defenses with this TH10 layout.

Last but not least we have mass Miner attacks that are not that common anymore but still used by many people – I recommend that when you need Dark Elixir because this composition simply doesn’t cost any Dark Elixir at all (see here my guide).

If they attack this TH10 base they often see their Miners go down really fast – because there#s a lot of slash damage output as well as high point DPS paired with the traps at the buttom and the Skeleton Traps that keep the Miners busy.

I have seen multiple attackers where the Miners simply got shredded before they even got any good percentage or even the Town Hall

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