Best TH9 Trophy & Loot Base Design

Download, Copy Link: [Town Hall 9] Best TH9 Trophy & Loot Base Design [With Link] [7-2019] - Farming Base

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[Town Hall 9] Best TH9 Trophy & Loot Base Design [With Link] [7-2019] - Farming Base
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You can find a link to copy the base below

Why I Think It Is The Best

I had it active in my Town Hall 9 account for about two weeks and haven’t seen big defeats at all (unless the attacker was a TH11+) and most attackers didn’t really got much out of it with slight 1-Star attacks and a few 2-Stars – on the other side I also had some successful defenses making up for it easily.

This TH9 Design works against the popular attacking strategies:

  • LavaLoon
  • mass Dragon
  • ground attacks with Bowlers, Valkyries and PEKKAS

General Layout Of The Base

The design here is pretty compact without dead zones or focus areas that compress a certain kind of defense, all is evenly located all over the base to defend in all directions with the defending heroes and Clan Castle in the core where the Town Hall is located.

The defensive concept of this base layout is pretty simple.

Small compartments are behind an outside perimeter of trash buildings containing higher hitpoint buildings to keep attacking troops busy and making it harder to funnel troops into a way to the core. Even when the attacker builds a funnel, it’s pretty annoying to overcome these compartments without having troop running to the sides.