Canal Grande

Explore base: Canal Grande - Bounty map

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Canal Grande - Bounty  map
  • Created by: thelucas2000
  • Event: Bounty


  • Red Sandstone Block: 10
  • Grass Stone Block: 16
  • Wooden Box: 6
  • Barrel: 4
  • Cactus: 8
  • Vase: 2
  • Lake: 6
  • Bush: 114

Canal Grande is a community map for the Bounty event.


  • This map is good for tanky units like Bull, Shelly and El Primo. They're good since they can bush camp and have such a good amount of health. Also Darryl and Bull can increase the roll/charge of their Supers on the water.
  • If you play Darryl, Bull, or any jumping brawler, just know that you can't use your Super across the water to the center and back.
  • Emz is great for this map. Her wide ranged attack can clear bushes quickly and her Super can be used to cover a lot of bushes to locate camping brawlers.
  • A good team composition would be Pam, Jessie and Penny. You try to gain an area lead, near the bushes, and place down Pam's, Jessie's, and Penny's turrets in a corner to disrupt enemy movement, making it problematic for them to get close to your team. Once they do get close, the combined firepower of Jessie and her turret alone would be enough to stop a loosely coordinated team.