Hot Point

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Hot Point - Showdown  map
  • Created by: Mordeus
  • Event: Showdown
  • Modifier: Angry Robo


  • Grave Block: 225
  • Tombstone: 3
  • Magenta Box: 30
  • Magenta Barrel: 8
  • Grave Fence: 70
  • Trunk: 42
  • Navy Candle: 16
  • Green Lake: 9
  • Bush: 726
  • Power Cube: 28

Hot Point is a community map for the Lone Star event. It was originally released as one of the Showdown maps.

The Brawl-o-ween version named Ghost Point for use in the Showdown game mode and is currently in use. This map is affected by the Angry Robo modifier.


  • This map has many bushes and lakes formed in a square. The middle is surrounded by bushes and the outside area is full of bushes and blocks built in a certain way, the map is mirrored horizontally than vertically which gives its uniqueness.


  • For assasins and heavyweights, they can stay in the middle but still be aware of brawlers with a huge amount of gems since there aren't many blocks in the way to block ranged attacks, they can still hide in the bush but needs to check for other enemies.
  • This map is ideal for sharpshooters since there aren't many blocks in the way than the outside of the lake formation, they still need to check for bushes and collect crates since there are plenty of them around the map and can result in an outnumber of gems.
  • If playing as a thrower, they can go around the walls in this case and throw the weapon where they will step to get you.
  • Recommended brawlers for this map are the long-range brawlers Bo, Colt, Brock, Rico and Pam, as well as Spike and occasionally Leon.
  • Remember to check the bushes nearest to the center as brawlers may be hiding there. But, it is quite hard to check those bushes as the walls stop most attacks. Using brawlers such as throwers, Spike and Nita are the best for checking those bushes.