Forsaken Falls

Explore base: Forsaken Falls - Showdown map

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Forsaken Falls - Showdown  map
  • Created by: ash
  • Event: Showdown
  • Modifier: Meteor Shower


  • Grave Block: 162
  • Tombstone: 62
  • Magenta Box: 14
  • Magenta Barrel: 14
  • Grave Fence: 115
  • Trunk: 22
  • Navy Candle: 2
  • Launch Pad: 8
  • Green Lake: 17
  • Bush: 407

Forsaken Falls is a community map for the Showdown event. It was added in the Brawl-o-ween update. This map is affected by the Meteor Shower modifier. Also, this is the only Showdown map that does not have Power Cube boxes.


  • With Gene, you can easily stand on a launchpad, pull an enemy with your Super, and get off the launchpad so the enemy gets launched into the poison.
  • Since this map has no Power Cube boxes, you should use a brawler that does nott need a lot of Power Cubes such as Frank or Piper.