Hunting Party

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Hunting Party - Big Game  map
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Event: Big Game


  • Red Sandstone Block: 122
  • Skull: 103
  • Bush: 300

Hunting Party is an official map for the Big Game event.


In this map there is a lot grass. This makes it easy to launch surprise attacks at either the boss or the hunters, depending on who you are.


  • In Big Game, the objective is to take down the boss Brawler as soon as possible, or to survive for a long time as the boss. In this map, use brawlers that do a lot of damage instead of tanks, as there are many bushes to hide in.
  • As a boss hunter, you should check the many bushes on this map to get a head start on the boss. Destroy as many bushes and walls as possible so that the boss will have less places to hide. This will make it easier for your team to take the boss down as quick as possible.
  • Do not destroy the skulls if you are the boss! It makes easier for players to move around and find you. Let the other players waste their ammo on the skulls instead, so that they will be less likely to be hit by their attacks.
  • A great boss Brawler to use here is Jessie. She can hide in one of the corners after using her Super at the entrance. This will allow the turret to take down enemy players while they are trying to attack you by going near the corner.