Explore base: Passage - Showdown map

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Passage - Showdown  map
  • Created by: Maxymus
  • Event: Showdown
  • Modifier: Energy Drink


  • Grave Block: 97
  • Tombstone: 26
  • Magenta Box: 12
  • Magenta Barrel: 15
  • Grave Fence: 29
  • Trunk: 39
  • Navy Candle: 30
  • Green Lake: 2
  • Bush: 649
  • Power Cube: 38

Passage is a community map for the Lone Star event. It was originally released as one of the Showdown maps.

The Brawl-o-ween version named Dark Passage for use in the Showdown game mode and is currently in use. This map is affected by the Energy Drink modifier.


This map is a balanced map, the map have many bushes where is useful to get away and there are some blocks placed in a way since the area is too open for sharpshooters.


  • Throwers might have problems if their ammo isn't used carefully due to bushes area and there isn't much cover for them.
  • Brawlers that can go through the water are good since they might be trapped by enemies.
  • Various sharpshooters have an advantage since the area has plenty of open area. But one with low-health should stay in the bushes.
  • Assasins and Heavyweights should always have the element of surprise and stay hidden in the bushes but not in the certain row of bushes that sharpshooters would shoot at.
  • Jessie is useful in this map, her turrent is useful to stay in the bushes since melee brawlers wouldn't go very close to the turrent.