Center Stage

Explore base: Center Stage - Brawl Ball map

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Center Stage - Brawl Ball  map
  • Created by: Mordeus
  • Event: Brawl Ball


  • Wooden Box: 30
  • Barrel: 12
  • Wooden Fence: 6
  • Bush: 126

Center Stage is a community map for the Brawl Ball event.


  • Treat this as a Brawl Ball version of Feast or Famine. You will be rewarded for going to the centre, but you will also probably die fast. Rosa is especially good in this map if she has her Plant Life.
  • Rico with Super Bouncy is good for this map. Try to hit the wall shaped like an "I", it will bounce and give extra range and extra damage.
  • The best brawlers for this map are Carl, Darryl, Rico, Rosa, Tara and Mortis