Time Out

Explore base: Time Out - Gem Grab map

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Time Out - Gem Grab  map
  • Created by: Cloudy
  • Event: Gem Grab


  • Pirate Block: 66
  • Wooden Box: 10
  • Barrel: 6
  • Pirate Fence: 6
  • Navy Barrel: 10
  • Cannonball: 6
  • Bush: 132

Time Out is a community map for the Gem Grab event. It was added in the Pirate Brawlidays update.


  • This map has some bushes at the sides covered in walls, which makes it helpful to hide if you have a lot of gems. The map is mirrored vertically.


  • Heavyweights and assasins are good here since of the bushes, they can mostly get away with sneaking to the other side and attack if the enemy decides to retreat in a bush that is normally in their area.
  • This map is normally good for throwers and sharpshooters if they find the right shooting position, which is recommended to come from the left side and shoot from there and camp around that wall.