Sandy Gems

Explore base: Sandy Gems - Heist map

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Sandy Gems - Heist  map
  • Created by: GO away
  • Event: Heist


  • Red Sandstone Block: 97
  • Cactus: 12
  • Bush: 206

Sandy Gems is a community map for the Heist event, added in the Summer of Robots update.


  • An area that resembles the shape of a gem is on the center of the map, with bushes and stones on the side of the map.


  • Carl can constantly use his attack against the safe using the wall, but it is hard to actually get to the safe, so it is advised to use his Super.
  • You should use brawlers like Brock and Shelly to fully take down the blocks at the front of the safe, so that your team can push through the opposing team and attack without obstacles in the way.
  • Throwers like Barley and Dynamike can attack the safe from the bushes in front of it, giving them more protection against enemies.
  • Make sure to check the bushes beside your team's spawn point, so that you can prevent enemy brawlers, especially ones with high damage output, from damaging your team's safe.
  • The map has a lot of bushes, so you can use Bull, El Primo or Darryl to sneak to the enemy's safe.