Nuts & Bolts

Explore base: Nuts & Bolts - Siege map

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Nuts & Bolts - Siege  map
  • Event: Siege


  • Block: 64
  • Wooden Box: 16
  • Barrel: 16
  • Tree Pot: 4
  • Lake: 2
  • Bush: 28

Nuts & Bolts is an official map for the Siege event.


  • Nuts & Bolts is a map with a fair amount of cover and an exposed middle section for open engagements. A lake positioned on both bases creates an impasse for approaching siege bots.


  • On Nuts & Bolts, there is a good strategy involving Pam and double throwers where Pam collect bolts and the throwers provide range control.
  • Good brawlers on this map along with Pam are Jessie, Penny, Frank, Dynamike, Barley, Leon, El Primo and Tick.