Escape Velocity

Explore base: Escape Velocity - Gem Grab map

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Escape Velocity - Gem Grab  map
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  • Created by: Mordeus
  • Event: Gem Grab


  • Block: 48
  • Red Sandstone Block: 20
  • Tree Pot: 8
  • Launch Pad: 2
  • Lake: 6
  • Bush: 152

Escape Velocity is a community map for the Gem Grab event.


  • If able to, destroy the L-shaped wall that is facing the enemy team at the center of the map. This will obstruct the defense of the enemy team and provide more range for sharpshooters like Colt or Brock.
  • Use offense brawlers like Bull or El Primo jump on the launch pad to take down enemies into your team's favor.
  • Walls at the center of the map are in L-shaped, beware that you can get stuck while trying to escape with gems.