Town Hall 4 - CoC Farming Base Links

Download/Copy Farming Base links , Maps, Layouts for Town Hall 4 in Home Village of Clash of Clans

TH4 Farm/Trophy base v58
7 days ago1142 Views540 Down37 Likes6 !
TH4 War/Trophy/Farm base v54
2 months ago3295 Views1958 Down95 Likes6 !
TH4 Farm/Trophy/Hybrid base v52
3 months ago939 Views340 Down13 Likes0 !
TH4 Farming base v48
3 months ago773 Views184 Down3 Likes0 !
TH4 Best base v47
3 months ago1452 Views518 Down24 Likes4 !
TH4 Best base v46
3 months ago1172 Views429 Down17 Likes2 !
TH4 Best base v43
3 months ago1962 Views926 Down36 Likes2 !
TH4 Best base v42
3 months ago1016 Views363 Down17 Likes7 !
TH4 War Farm base v37 - anti 3 stars
4 months ago1489 Views1019 Down20 Likes7 !
TH4 Farm base v36 - anti air
4 months ago368 Views217 Down5 Likes0 !
TH4 War Farm base v35 - anti 2 stars
4 months ago1417 Views808 Down28 Likes1 !
TH4 War Trophy Farm base v34 - anti 2 stars
4 months ago2184 Views1726 Down59 Likes8 !
TH4 War Farm Trophy Base v29 - anti giant
4 months ago3291 Views2541 Down107 Likes6 !
TH4 War Trophy Farm Base v27
4 months ago957 Views474 Down12 Likes2 !
TH4 War Trophy Base v25
4 months ago862 Views272 Down9 Likes0 !
TH4 Farm Base v24 - anti 2 star
4 months ago293 Views49 Down3 Likes0 !