Town Hall 4 - CoC Trophy Base Links

Download/Copy Trophy Base links , Maps, Layouts for Town Hall 4 in Home Village of Clash of Clans

TH4 Farm/Trophy/Hybrid base v52
5 days ago175 Views66 Down2 Likes0 !
TH4 War/Trophy base v52
5 days ago714 Views374 Down16 Likes2 !
TH4 Best base v51
14 days ago3164 Views1839 Down111 Likes9 !
TH4 War/Trophy base v50
17 days ago1374 Views603 Down35 Likes4 !
TH4 War/Trophy base v49
17 days ago1311 Views629 Down33 Likes7 !
TH4 Best base v47
19 days ago743 Views263 Down14 Likes2 !
TH4 Best base v46
19 days ago575 Views224 Down11 Likes2 !
TH4 Best base v45
20 days ago499 Views183 Down14 Likes0 !
TH4 Best base v44
a month ago1171 Views499 Down21 Likes6 !
TH4 Best base v43
a month ago1191 Views600 Down22 Likes1 !
TH4 Best base v42
a month ago611 Views230 Down11 Likes6 !
TH4 War Trophy base v41 - anti 2 stars
a month ago986 Views1028 Down29 Likes10 !
TH4 War Trophy base v40 - anti 3 stars
a month ago514 Views276 Down12 Likes1 !
TH4 War Trophy base v39- anti 3 stars
a month ago1679 Views1331 Down72 Likes9 !
TH4 Trophy base v38 - anti 3 stars
a month ago391 Views249 Down3 Likes0 !
TH4 War Farm base v37 - anti 3 stars
a month ago999 Views870 Down17 Likes5 !
TH4 War Farm base v35 - anti 2 stars
a month ago892 Views629 Down22 Likes0 !