Builder Hall 4 - CoC Base Layouts Links

Download/Copy Base links, Maps, Layouts for Builder Hall 4 in Builder Base Clash of Clans

BH4 Best base v13
a month ago7359 Views4604 Down221 Likes34 !
BH4 Best base v12
a month ago5725 Views3975 Down109 Likes19 !
BH4 Best base v11
2 months ago5666 Views2789 Down135 Likes33 !
BH4 Best base v10
3 months ago6708 Views3776 Down130 Likes18 !
BH4 Best base v9
4 months ago4440 Views2522 Down51 Likes8 !
BH4 Best base v8
4 months ago3786 Views2242 Down46 Likes6 !
BH4 top base v7
5 months ago9154 Views5183 Down103 Likes18 !
BH4 top base v6
6 months ago11995 Views7454 Down131 Likes13 !
BH4 top base v5
7 months ago5319 Views2576 Down46 Likes3 !
BH4 top base v4
7 months ago16518 Views12619 Down273 Likes14 !
BH4 top base v3
8 months ago13254 Views10306 Down200 Likes14 !
BH4 top base v2
8 months ago5518 Views3434 Down59 Likes3 !
BH4 top base v1
8 months ago2664 Views765 Down16 Likes0 !
The best base BH4 - anti everything
8 months ago12232 Views9624 Down172 Likes8 !
a best BH4 base
9 months ago4246 Views2397 Down32 Likes4 !
Anti air, anti 2 star BH4
9 months ago2756 Views1412 Down26 Likes3 !
Nice level 4 Builder Base layout
9 months ago2474 Views924 Down17 Likes2 !