Pit Stop

Explore base: Pit Stop - Heist map

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Pit Stop - Heist  map
  • Created by: Lex
  • Event: Heist


  • Tire: 42
  • Blue Barrel: 4
  • Red/Black Fence: 28
  • Tree Pot: 13
  • Bush: 64

Pit Stop is a community map for the Heist event.


  • The map is infested with bushes and those bushes have a wall, the bushes' shape excluding the front sides of the safes are squares, and most of them are covered in walls to protect against shootings. The map is mirrored vertically.


  • Throwers are ideal for this map, due to the tires in front of the safes. This means that you can damage the safe and enemies whilst avoiding enemy fire which cannot penetrate the tires.
  • If you choose to use Dynamike, you can use his Dyna-Jump Star Power to jump over the tires to avoid open confrontation with the enemy.
  • This map is also good for Sharpshooters due to the open space, normally they can also hide in the bushes and ambush the incoming enemies.
  • Heavyweights and Assasins should come from the sides as the front is obvious, unless the enemies are weaker than your team in destroying the safe, then charge after the safe.