TH11 War Base - Double layer walls and Several traps

Download, Copy Link: [Town Hall 11] TH11 War Base - Double layer walls and Several traps [With Link] [7-2019] - War Base

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[Town Hall 11] TH11 War Base - Double layer walls and Several traps [With Link] [7-2019] - War Base
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The Town Hall in this base is not extremely exposed, this will help especially in Clan War Leagues when attackers only have one try to 3-Star your base. The Town Hall is protected by an Inferno Tower, double layer walls and several traps to prevent any suicide heroes going for the easy takedown.

The base has multiple regions with one being an outside perimeter with a lot of buildings that just eat time off the clock of the attacker and making him not get the 3-Star in time.

The center is primarily designed to have the Eagle Artillery and the defending Clan Castle from being pulled or destroyed early so the attacker has to deal with it during the main part of his attack.

Why I Think It Is The Best There are two very popular attacking strategies you will see at Town Hall 11 in Clan War:

Electro Dragons & Balloons Queen Walks combined with Bowlers/Witches or Bowler/PEKKA (called PEKKA Smash) For each of these, this base offers some nice defensive pitfalls that will not make it easy to beat.

General Layout Of The Base The layout is completely asymmetrical and the defenses are also not spread out evenly, forcing the attacker to attack from a specific side depending on his troops.

The outside perimeter is full of storages and mines that will take a lot of time to clear, this is really useful to mess with funneling and make troops a little less predictable for the attacker. There are also Cannons, Mortars and Archer Towers on the outside so the attacker won’t be able to make a cheap surgical Hog attempt against the Air Defenses when attacking with Electro Dragons.

The empty spots in between the base is really effective to make the chain lightning of Electro Dragons less powerful because they won’t jump “over” that section.