Archers - Attack Strategy - Clash of Clans

Archers - Attack Strategy - Clash of Clans

Archers - Attack Strategy
Key points to take into consideration about the all archers attack strategy:
  1. Splash damage is the worst enemy of an all archers attacks.
  2. Always check with few archers the possible spots where giant bombs could be placed!
  3. This attack strategy is worth to use in any league; there is no league that doesn't benefit the all archers attack strategy.
  4. TH10s should avoid bases with infernos set to multi, if they are closer to the edge of the base, because you will use way too many archers there. If the infernos are set to single target then you can deploy archers even if that inferno is close to the edge.
  5. This attack strategy is mostly used against the abandoned bases. Don't expect too much of this strategy, the chances that you get the town hall or a 100% overall damage are pretty low.
Limits of archers/th level:
  • Town Hall 7: 200 archers | 20 minutes 50 seconds to fill entire army
  • Town Hall 8: 200 archers | 20 minutes 50 seconds to fill entire army
  • Town Hall 9: 220 archers | 22 minutes 55 seconds to fill entire army
  • Town Hall 10: 240 archers | 25 minutes to fill entire army

Army: 200/220/240 archers Clan Castle: Archers/Wizards/Minions

Spells Most of the time bring ONLY Lightning spells! Bring them for:

Option 1: Mortars, for TH9 and above (below TH9 they are not so bad to use elixir on them). Option 2: Wizard Towers, for TH9 and above (below TH9 they are not so bad to use elixir on them). Option 3: DE Storage, for TH7 and above. NOTE: For the additional space provided by the Dark Spell Factory, bring a Poison Spell. ONLY bring Poison Spell for the All archers attack strategy, since Earthquake and Haste spells are useless.

Notes regarding spells:
  1. You may also take one rage spell with this army for your heroes, but the chances that will help you more than a lightning can are very small. It will be quite rare to use a rage spell with the archers.
  2. You should never take healing spells for an all archers army, because at most Town Hall levels, the defences will kill your archers in one hit, so a healing spell is useless in this case. Bringing healing spells is often a waste of elixir.
  3. You should NEVER take jump spells for an all archers army, if you find the need to break through some layer of walls, just bring few wall breakers, but don't waste the spells by bringing a jump spell.
  4. You should not bring any freeze spell with this army, the chances that such a spell would be useful are very rare. A lightning spell on a builder's hut or hero spot is much more useful for a TH10.
  5. Always bring for the additional space of 1 spell a Poison Spell from the Dark Spell Factory!
Rules for the attack:
  1. Save up troops! You have 3 minutes for an attacks, so don't rush. Take the few outside buildings which are out of range of any defence using limited number of archers. This strategy will most of the time give you up to 10% overall damage.

  2. Place few archers (4-8) in the spots where giant bombs could be placed. This will help your attack avoid a painful loss of 30 archers blown by a single trap. Most of the time if you found a giant bomb outside the base, there are more.

  3. Try to lure out the CC. If you cannot reach the Clan Castle, then you might want to start your raid from the opposite side of the base and finish in the area where the clan castle is placed.

  4. Look for the location of the Archer Queen. She is very dangerous against this attack strategy because she can attack over a wall, which will force your archers to attack the wall in order to get to her. This situation can end up with a lot of archers wasted just to get rid of her. If the Archer Queen is in such unfavourable location, then you might want to wait for her to walk in the opposite side of her spot and place few archers to get rid of the buildings; repeat the process until the building is destroyed.

  5. Use relevant number of archers based on the building they are attacking! If you are to attack Hero spots, Builder's Huts, Army Camps, then 5 archers should be enough to take it down.

  6. When you start the attack, be fast with placing the archers by surrounding the area slowly but surely. If you will take all the buildings in one time then the defensive units cannot hold up to you. If you will take the buildings one by one, you will find that you need to use more archers than you would normally use if you surround the area.

How to deploy archers. There are 2 general options for how to deploy your archers:
  1. Spread your archers in a line starting from a point you decide and slowly make your way around the base. This is my favourite way to deploy the archers in this attack strategy because when you finished to circle the base, you should have about 40-60 archers left, with which you are left to do the cleaning. If you do not have more than 35-38% at this point, you are in trouble. If needed at the end, use the lightning spells to get the extra percentage points which separate you from the 50% overall damage.

Note: When you are left with the last archers, deploy them along with your heroes to guard them, especially the Archer Queen. By doing this, 10-20 archers can take up to 6-8% by also using Queen's ability.

  1. Surround the whole base with archers, using two fingers at a time. In this attack style, both fingers will each cover a corner. Deploy your archers around all the base and watch it burn. If needed, deploy the heroes in the danger zones (CC/Heroes) and at the end, use the lightning spells for some extra percentage points if needed. Personally I don't recommend this strategy because you do not have full control over your army, as in some spots may end up with wasted archers, archers which could've been deployed better if you analysed the based instead of jumping into it.
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