Training Cave - Brawl Stars - Brawl Stars

Training Cave - Brawl Stars - Brawl Stars

Training Cave - Brawl Stars


  • There are four boxer robots, each with 4,000 health, in the each corner of the spawn point. Further upward, a smaller version of Robo boss can be found, with 100,000 health. Below the Robo Boss are 4 bushes. To the right of Robo boss is a sharpshooter robot (4000 health, 500 damage per attack) who is able to damage you if you are within its range. Additionally, 20 mini robots with 1,500 health each can be found on the topmost part of the map.


  • The Training Cave is used for many purposes.
  • It can be used to test out a new skin in the shop to see whether you like it or not.
  • It can be used to test out a new brawler, whether they are on the shop or in the brawler info page.
  • It can be used to practice with a certain brawler, such as aiming attacks.
  • It can be used purely for fun and amusement, such as trying to destroy all of the robots as fast as you can, destroying all of the obstacles, etc.
  • There are also some specific things you can use the training cave for:
  • You can use the bushes to test out some star powers, such as Bo's circling eagle, Piper's ambush and Rosa's Plant Life.
  • The swarm bots can be used to test out piercing attacks such as Nita's attack and Tara's attack, or bouncing attacks such as Jessie's attack.
  • The damaging bot can test out healing star powers, such as Leon's Invisiheal, Barley's Medical Use and Tick's Well Oiled, or defensive star powers, such as Darryl's Steel Hoops, Bull's Tough Guy and Bibi's Batting Stance.


  • After 13 minutes and 14 seconds, the "draw" end game sound will play and the player will be returned to the menu.
  • Crow is the fastest brawler to destroy the Robo boss with 100,000 health, if you spam his super in the center of the boss.
  • Dynamike can deal over 30,000 damage per second with 3 attacks and his Super when attacking the mini robots.
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