Skull Creek

Explore base: Skull Creek - Showdown map

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Skull Creek - Showdown  map
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  • Event: Showdown
  • Modifier: Healing Mushrooms


  • Grave Block: 185
  • Tombstone: 98
  • Grave Fence: 88
  • Trunk: 27
  • Navy Candle: 67
  • Green Lake: 1
  • Bush: 578
  • Power Cube: 22 Skull Creek is an official map for the Showdown event. This map is affected by the Healing Mushrooms modifier.


Skull Creek has a lot of bush cover, and the spawn positions are very random.


  • Note that there is little point in going to the middle, as there is no particularly abundant loot there, however, if you are a lobber, it can be a strategic position as you can attack other players without them attacking you.
  • Depending on who you want to play as, there are a few advantages you can get from position:
  • When playing as a heavy brawler like Bull or Frank, the gridded area is the place to be, as you can sneak up on people easily, where snipers' range can be a disadvantage.
  • If playing as a longer range brawler such as Colt or Bo, anywhere but the middle and the grid area will be to your advantage.
  • For this map, though, Rico is one of the best brawlers, as he is a sniper, and his ricochet allows him to beat heavy brawlers in the grid and at the middle.