Snake Prairie

Explore base: Snake Prairie - Bounty map

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Snake Prairie - Bounty  map
  • Event: Bounty


  • Red Sandstone Block: 71
  • Wooden Box: 4
  • Barrel: 3
  • Bush: 538 Snake Prairie is an official map for the Bounty event.


Snake Prairie is a map that is covered with bushes except for the blocks and the middle parts, which are left empty for spawning Brawlers and the open area for the middle bounty.


  • This map is perfect for heavyweights and assassins, they should stay in the bush to ambush the opposing team, if they are ranged they should check since the ranged assassins tend to have low health.
  • Rosa's Star Power, Plant Life, is very useful on this map. Rosa can take out long range brawlers while healing inside a bush.
  • Crow would also be good on this map since his wide attack and poison can help find brawlers. Stick close to your teammates so that if the other team finds you, they'd also find the rest of the team.
  • Sharpshooters and throwers aren't recommended in this map unless there is a way to remove the bush areas, or using the Super to attack unsuspecting targets. Users that have a radius cone of shooting (e.g Bo) are recommended here.
  • Piper even if she has low health, she can result the team to win, she needs to have the Ambush Star Power, either if she doesn't have it, she needs to snipe from distance and not encounter enemies close to her, if that happens she needs to use the Super and fly away in a safe area.
  • Bo with his Star Power, Circling Eagle, becomes very good on this map as it allows Bo and his teammates to see through bushes in a wider range. He can also use his hidden mines to locate enemy brawlers in the bushes.
  • Shelly is very useful on this map because of how much damage she does when she's in front of a brawler. Her Super does a lot of damage to teammates sticking together and as well as it takes down the bushes, making it easy to detect brawlers. Same goes for Bull.
  • A good strategy for this map is to stick close to your teammates, especially for shotgun brawlers. This way you can take down brawlers from the enemy team quickly when you run into each other.
  • You can use close-ranged brawlers such as Shelly, Bull, Darryl, El Primo or Leon and shoot at enemy brawlers when you or they run into each other.