The TH12 War Base - Never been 3-Stared

Download, Copy Link: [Town Hall 12] The TH12 War Base - Never been 3-Stared [With Link] [7-2019] - War Base

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[Town Hall 12] The TH12 War Base - Never been 3-Stared [With Link] [7-2019] - War Base
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Why I Think It Is The Best

I’ve been using it for several wars including Clan War Leagues and had very good experience with it. I’ve never been 3-Stared in about 20 attacks and here and there attacker only got 1-Star with less than 50% against this base.

Reason enough to use it? I guess so

But let’s have a closer look at the defensive capabilities…

General Layout Of The Base

It’s always tough to design a war base because there needs to be the perfect bridge between defending the 3-Star but also not making a 2-Star too easy, so this base here decided to put some more weight into also defending the Town Hall. This is good especially if you want to use in in Clan War League as well where the amoung of 2-Stars and the percentage often decide about the winner.

The other parts are more standard (that’s not bad) with the dead zone Inferno Towers and smaller compartments that use a smart way to arrange the defenses.

And how does it defend? Let’s have a look.

You’ll often see attacks like PEKKA Smash or Electrone lately that are quite powerful so a base you want to use for Clan War or Clan War Leagues needs to be hard to beat with these strategies.

Let’s have a look how this TH12 War Base performs.

First, the attacker needs to clear the outside perimeter to funnel troops in – especially with PEKKA Smash this is vital for the attack to perform well. With this perimeter, the attacker needs to invest like 50-80 housing space and won’t get much value since it’s only trash buildings he cleared.

Also, the dead zone Inferno Towers will lead the way of ground troops like PEKKA and Bowlers not to the Town Hall section and will make them ultimately fail to get the 2-Star or a high percentage.