Big Update: Sneak Peeks - June 2019 - Clash of Clans

Big Update: Sneak Peeks - June 2019 - Clash of Clans

Big Update: Sneak Peeks - June 2019


This is the biggest change to high level players. This is huge, I really mean it, this will change the game in a big way.

The new Legend League introduces a brand new matchmaking system that should end the Cloud issue - when a player wants to attack on higher leagues but the game can't find enemy villages. This is very frustrating because you want to play the game but can't because the matchmaking is broken.

Once you reach 5.000 Trophies you can opt-in on this new matchmaking system. You will be able to make 8 attacks every day without having to wait at all for the matchmaking.

On the other hand, your village will also be attacked 8 times. It's a fair trade. Depending on your performance on these attacks and defenses you will gain or lose trophies everyday.

On each attack you can gain up to 40 Trophies, but on each defense you can also lose up to 40 Trophies.

Today Trophy Push is about patience because you have to wait hours for an attack above 5.500 Trophies. With this new system it will be 100% skill, it's a pro and fair space where everyone can show their true skills.

All players will have a chance to be on the top rank, as long as they are good enough. This is a true game changer.


The Builder Hall 9 unlcoks the new O.T.T.O and the Lava Launcher. It costs 3.800.000 Gold and takes 6 days to be upgraded.

  • 1x NEW: Lava Launcher
  • 1x NEW: O.T.T.O Hut
  • 20x Walls
  • 1x Firecrackers
  • 1x Spring Trap
  • 1x Mega Mine


Two years ago when a few troops decided to go across the ocean to discover the Builder Base the Hog Rider never showed up on the other side. This is now fixed with the Hog Glider!

The Hog Glider is single target flying unit that targets defenses. Once he hits a defense, he stuns it for a few seconds.

Once he is destroyed he will automatically drop from the glider and act as a normal Hog Rider.


All Builder Base troops can now be upgraded to level 18 on the new level 9 Star Laboratory.


The Lava Launcher is a very long range defense that hurls slabs of molten rock and sets that ground on fire!

Once the troops run over the area affected by the molten rock they will take damage for a certain length of time.

As you can see, the Lava Launcher range is massive! And what about the dead zone on the center? Huge! Basically you can only reach enemy troops outside the walls of your village, so always place it near the center.


O.T.T.O is the Master Builder latest invention, a new builder available on the Builder Base.

To unlock O.T.T.O you must build O.T.T.O's Hut (Builder Hall 9 required) and upgrade by completing tasks.

Once the Hut is level 5 you will unlock O.T.T.O. He is a robot that can work as a Builder. Yes, you will have a second Builder at the Builder Base!

But that's not all. With an extra builder on the Builder Base, the Master Builder will be able to travel to your Home Village and work over there. Yes, you will be able to have up to 6 builders on your Home Village!


Now there there are three options to attack on your main village: Single Player (Goblin Maps), Multiplayer and the Practice Mode.

On the new Practice Mode you can train new attacks, test troops and Heroes. However, all troops and formations are already pre-made so you don't have to spend resources on them.

As you unlock new Town Hall levels and Troops, new army formations will be added automatically to the Practice Mode


Now you can share your layouts with clanmates and the community. You can copy a link to the layout and share where you want, even outside the game.

This feature creates a snapshot of your village, so later changes on the village will not affect the village you have just shared.


Archer Queen:

  • Archer Queen maximum level increased from 60 to 65
  • Upgrade time per level: 7 days
  • Upgrade cost per level: 240,000 Dark Elixir

Barbarian King:

  • Barbarian King maximum level increased from 60 to 65
  • Upgrade time per level: 7 days

Grand Warden:

  • Grand Warden maximum level increased from 30 to 40
  • Upgrade time per level: 7 days
  • Upgrade cost per level: 12,000,000 Elixir


Golem level 9 (TH12)

  • Golem maximum level increased from 8 to 9
  • Upgrade time: 14 days
  • Upgrade cost: 220,000 Dark Elixir
  • Hitpoints: 7500
  • DPS: 70
  • Training cost: 800 Dark Elixir
  • Training time: 5 mins
  • Damage when destroyed: 750


  • Hitpoints: 1500
  • DPS: 15
  • Damage when destroyed: 150
  • Golem death damage splash radius increased from 1.2 to 1.5 tiles.


  • Splash radius decreased from 2 tiles to 1.5 tiles.

Battle Blimp:

  • Hitpoints have been increased


Mortar level 12 (TH12)

  • Mortar maximum level increased from 11 to 12

  • Upgrade time: 14 days

  • Upgrade cost: 12,000,000 Gold

  • Hitpoints: 950

  • DPS: 38

  • Level 11 Mortar upgrade time reduced from 14 days to 12 days.

Wizard Tower:

  • Level 8 DPS reduced from 48 to 45
  • Level 9 DPS reduced from 54 to 50


  • 50 additional Wall segments can be upgraded to level 13 (TH12)


Earthquake Spell level 5 (TH11):

  • Earthquake Spell maximum level increased from 4 to 5
  • Upgrade cost: 120,000 Dark Elixir
  • Upgrade time: 11 days
  • Earthquake Spell now affects buildings and Walls in a larger radius as you level it up: radius increases by 0.3 tiles per level.

A maxed out Earthquake Spell can open gaps of up to 11 tiles. It's huge!

Haste Spell level 5 (TH11):

  • Haste Spell maximum level increased from 4 to 5
  • Upgrade cost: 120,000 Dark Elixir
  • Upgrade time: 11 days
  • Speed increase: 52
  • Duration: 30 seconds
  • Cost: 100 Dark Elixir

Rage Spell level 6 (TH12):

  • Rage Spell maximum level increased from 5 to 6
  • Upgrade cost: 6,000,000 Elixir
  • Upgrade time: 7 days
  • Damage increase: 180%
  • Speed increase: 30
  • Cost: 30,000 Elixir

Poison Spell level 6 (TH12):

  • Poison Spell maximum level increased from 5 to 6
  • Upgrade cost: 200,000 Dark Elixir
  • Upgrade time: 11 days
  • Max DPS: 260
  • Speed decrease: 42%
  • Attack rate decrease: 60%
  • Cost: 170 Dark Elixir

Skeleton Spell level 6 (TH12):

  • Skeleton Spell maximum level increased from 5 to 6
  • Upgrade cost: 150,000 Dark Elixir
  • Upgrade time: 11 days
  • Skeletons: 15
  • Cost: 160 Dark Elixir
  • Number of Skeletons spawned has been reduced (to 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 respectively):
  • Level 1: 10
  • Level 2: 11
  • Level 3: 12
  • Level 4: 13
  • Level 5: 14
  • Skeleton Spell now spawns armored Skeletons. When the armor gets destroyed they turn into regular Skeletons. This makes it possible to overwhelm a Queen for example.
Builder Base Balance Changes:
  • Wall Ring costs for Builder Base Wall segments have been reduced.
  • Hitpoints of all BH8 level buildings have been slightly reduced by 4-5%


  • Giga Tesla upgrades, gear-ups and Builder Base army camp are now affected by the Builder Boost perks.
  • Shovel of Obstacles can now be used to move the Loot Cart.


New Magic Item called Research Potion. This new Magic Item has the power to speed up your Lab Research by 10x for an hour!


Changes on the prices of Magic Hammers on the League Shop have been announced:

• Training Potions will be available for 10 League Medals • Research Potions will cost 20 League Medals • Builder Potions will now cost 30 League Medals.


We know the Magic Hammers are the most powerful items on the game, they are capable of start (without resources) and finish an upgrade.

The only way to obtain them is through the League Shop. This will not change, however, the game will add a 7 day cooldown to the Magic Item you just purchased, meaning you can purchase the same Magic Time only 1 time every week. After the purchase, you will have to wait for 7 days to buy it again.

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