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Coins - Brawl Stars

Daily Deals

Coins can be used to buy Power Points Power Points for your Brawlers from the shop's Daily Deals. The ratio for buying Power Points is 2 Coins per 1 Power Point. Star Powers can also be bought from the shop when the player has a Brawler who is level 9. Star Powers cost 2000 Coins each. In the form of a special daily offer, 500 Coins can be purchased once for 29 Gems.

Brawler Upgrades

  • Level--------Power Points-------------Coins
  • 1----------------N/A---------------------N/A
  • 2-------------20 Power Points--------20 Coin
  • 3-------------30 Power Points--------35 Coin
  • 4-------------50 Power Points--------75 Coin
  • 5-------------80 Power Points--------140 Coin
  • 6-------------130 Power Points-------290 Coin
  • 7-------------210 Power Points-------480 Coin
  • 8-------------340 Power Points-------800 Coin
  • 9-------------550 Power Points-------1250 Coin
  • 10----------------N/A---------------------N/A
  • Total--------1410 Power Points--------3090 Coin

The main use of Coins is to upgrade Brawlers. Once you have enough Power Points, you can spend some Coins to advance your Brawler to the next level, up to level 9. To get a Brawler to level 10, you do not need Coins or buy Power Points. Instead, you must obtain at least 1 of the Brawler's Star Powers.


  • Coins-------------------Gems
  • 150 Coin--------------20 Gem
  • 400 Coin--------------50 Gem
  • 1200 Coin-------------140 Gem
  • 2600 Coin-------------280 Gem

Coins can be bought in the shop with Gems. Buying larger Coin packs is a better value per Gem.

Coin Shower Event

Once a month, there is a Coin Shower event. During the event, a Coin is awarded for every Token earned. A Token Doubler in use is applied before the Coin bonus, resulting in a net of 2x Coins. The event does not apply to ticketed events such as Boss Fight.

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