Top 10 Clash of Clans Tips for Newbies

Hello Clash of Clans players! We have listed the top ten tips below that will help improve your gaming skills in Clash of Clans.

Top 10 Clash of Clans Tips for Newbies

1. Be Part of an Active Clan

Joining a dynamic team will make the experience livelier. One of the reasons players enjoy multi-player games is because of the community. To improve your gaming skills, you need to get involved with a clan that plays as much as you do. You may have a group of friends who play once in a while which slow down your growth efforts as a Clash of Clans player. You can easily find cool friends on online forums who can partner with you to enhance your learning experience and make the game even more enjoyable.

2. Build a Strong Clash of Clans Base

This an important step in the game if you wish to advance. Multiple tools are available which can help you build a better base. Your base needs to be attack-proof from other players. Since this game is all about offense and defense, you need three main things namely protecting your town hall, building a proper defense, and building walls. Skipping any of these three will make you lose resources and waste your time rebuilding destroyed areas. You can use the Clash of Clans Builder to help you in planning for your new base.

Another alternative would also be Clash of Clans Tools.

3. Search For Matches Early Enough

Once you have built a proper base, you have trained using the single player mode, and the 72-hour protection shield has been brought down, it is time to begin looking for matches. This is the best time to collect resources and look for matches. In such moments, your opponents will not have built strong defenses or high walls to keep you out. Winning in such a case will be forthcoming. Also, don’t forget to carry some Gold to use in skipping matches that you don’t like or because you haven’t adequately prepared.

4. Understand What You Are After In Each Raid

Before you set out for an attack, you should have a goal in mind what you are after. It could be Dark Elixir, Gold, Elixir, or Trophies. Once you have decided what you are looking for, you can then compose an army that suits the objective. With this, you will have increased the army’s efficiency. Don’t be afraid to skip matches that don’t appeal to you although you will have to spend a lot for that. Also, don’t be excessively greedy in finding matches with the maximum benefits.

5. Save Your Gems and Spend Them Efficiently

Clash of Clans’ gems are precious resources that you should spend wisely. They have the ability to buy shields, enhance your training, among others. However, you should not spend them during the early days of your game. It would be better if you accumulated them to use much later in having Builder’s Huts. The number of builders you have, the quicker it will be for your village to upgrade. You may purchase these gems or discover them as you clear debris. It is important that you remain patient while you save those discovered gems.

6. Don’t Be In Haste to Upgrade Your Town Hall

You may have earned enough to upgrade your Town Hall, but you don’t want to do this. Players who had upgraded to a higher town hall level loot less from those with a lower town hall level as compared to when they were at a lower level. What you should consider is to first upgrade your buildings to a maximum level before finally upgrading the town hall.

7. Learn How to Plan For an Effective Attack

Apart from the defense strategies put in place, you also need to develop an attacking strategy that will give you victory. There are several Clash of Clans strategies, but you only need a few of them. Before even an attack, you should plan where you want to attack first and who you will send in that particular attack. You may see visual clues which will help you decide which points to attack. Also, you need to decide how you will organize your troops to fit into your strategy as you go for trophies or resources.

8. Build a Clan Castle at the Center of Your Base

Joining a clan can quickly help you out as you play. If you’re lucky and get a good clan, it can give you tips on ways you can improve your village. Similarly, it can help you with troops, especially during an attack. Having a clan castle is the best defense strategy. The reason you should place it within your base is to avoid opponents from luring your clan castle troops. You should consider upgrading your clan castle immediately with your town hall level in mind.

9. Build, Train, and Attack

You need to work out these activities simultaneously. You ought not to focus only on defense and attack as you need to upgrade your base, while your troops train. This is the best way to maximize your time in the game. Building and upgrading bases generally take a lot of time and even more if you have a big troop to train. Always monitor the status of both your troops and base so that you do not wait for longer periods before you can play.

10. Constantly Improve

Always scope around YouTube, forum and websites for the latest strategies. Here are a few places to get the latest strategies for Clash of Clans

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