GoLaLoon - Attack Strategy - Clash of Clans

GoLaLoon - Attack Strategy - Clash of Clans

GoLaLoon - Attack Strategy

REMEMBER: The true power of the clash attack strategies are when troops JOIN FORCES! Air Troops and Ground Troops fighting together in the GoLaLoon strategy!

Characterization: The key of this attack strategy is to take down as many Air Defence buildings as possible with minimum amount of troops, the rest of the base being demolished afterwards.

The GoLaLoon attack strategy is mainly used by high levels players, late TH9s and all along the TH10. The name of this attack strategy comes from the 3 main troops which form this trio, the Golem, the Lava Hound and the Balloon. Even if the army consists mainly on these three troops, it also has other troops in smaller numbers to help achieve the best results.

Things to consider! Must Read!
  • Always locate the position of the Air Defences! If they are located in the centre of the base, then perhaps the GoLaLoon is not the best option to use, because by the time the Balloons would come and help the Lava Hounds, they would all be killed and so the attack would end with a failure.
  • Do not struggle to protect your Lava Hounds to the point they won't die! The point of the GoLaLoon attack strategy is that the Lava Hounds provide enough tanking so that the Balloons clear all the defences, BUT you need the Lava Hounds to explode into the Lava Pups if you want to get 3 stars, otherwise you will run out of time!
Army composition:

TH8: This attack strategy is NOT available at TH8! The lack of the Lava Hound at TH8 makes it impossible to use GoLaLoon for TH8.


  • 1 golem (level 4)
  • 3 lava hounds (level 2)
  • 4 Wall breakers (level 5)
  • 3 wizards (level 5)
  • 16 Balloons (Level 6)
  • CC: 1 Lava Hound (level 3)
  • 2 Rage Spells + 2 Healing Spells OR 1 Jump Spell, 2 Rage Spells, 1 Healing Spell TOTAL: 220 troops in camps + 30 troops in CC Heroes: As HIGH in level as possible!


  • 1 golem (level 5)
  • 3 lava hounds (level 3)
  • 4 Wall breakers (level 6)
  • 3 wizards (level 6)
  • 20 Balloons (Level 6)
  • CC: 1 Lava Hound (level 3) + 1 Balloon (Level 6)
  • 3 Rage Spells + 2 Freeze Spells OR 1 Jump Spell, 2 Rage Spells, 2 Freeze Spells TOTAL: 240 troops in camps + 35 troops in CC Heroes: As HIGH in level as possible!
Let's attack!
  1. The first step in the GoLaLoon attack strategy is analysing the base! There are several things you need to spot and understand about a base before going into the attack. A. The first thing to consider before going into the GoLaLoon attack, and perhaps the most important one, is to locate the position of all the Air Defences within the opponent's base.

In the example above, the base was chosen by the attack because of the position of the Air Defences. With just 3 Wall Breakers, the Golem and the Heroes he managed to destroy two Air Defences + the CC troops + The Defender's Queen. B. The second thing you need to consider is the position of the Archer Queen on the defender's base. If possible, pick a side which will provide you space to destroy 2 Air Defences + the Queen. C. The first batch of troops (golem+heroes+wb) MUST kill the defender's CC troops. Failing to kill the CC troops will most of the times ruin your second batch, the lavaloonion attack! D. Always assure that the side you pick for the Air Defences doesn't have too many junk buildings on the outside of the base, or else you will end up with your heroes running on the sides of the base instead of going inside the base.

  1. After you took into consideration all the steps from the Point 1, it is time to start the attack! The first step when you start the attack is to drop your Golem! Always drop your Golem first or else you risk losing the wizards/the Wall Breakers before they will do their job. After you dropped the Golem, you drop 2-3 Wall Breakers (depending on defender's wall levels) and then spread the few wizards around to assure a clear path for the heroes to the base.

  2. After you assured the path to the base with the Wizards and after the first wall was breached by the Wall Breakers, it is time to drop your Heroes. DO NOT wait too much to drop them or else they will not follow the path you created, but instead will go around the base.

  3. Once you reached this step, you should have both your Heroes inside of the opponent's base! Great, now it is time to let the nature follow its course. There is nothing important you need to do for the following 20 seconds, just sit and watch your Heroes demolishing the side you picked, while patiently waiting to activate their abilities when necessary! Refer to the Videos at the end of this attack strategy guide to see two examples of Hero deployment and special abilities usage. It is not necessary to wait until both heroes died! Once they destroyed the 2 Air Defences, or once their death is assured and imminent, it is time to head to step 5!

  4. As it was mentioned at the end of step 4, you do not have to wait until both heroes died. Once they did their job and destroyed the 2 Air Defences, it is time to deploy your LavaLoonion batch. DO NOT WASTE ANY TIME looking at the heroes, once you activated both of their abilities, select your Lava Hounds and be ready to deploy them! This step is another of patience, wait for the right moment and deploy the Lava Hounds and the Balloons just like in a normal LavaLoonion attack: Lava Hound First followed by some Balloons behind, the amount of balloons depending on the range of defences you are facing. Please refer to the Lavaloonion attack strategy guide within this topic to see how to deploy the Balloons; the GoLaLoon guide will not explain the deployment again.

  5. This point is about the situation when you only destroyed ONE Air Defence with your Golem+Heroes. In the situation when there are 3 Air Defences left after the first batch was destroyed, you MUST keep a spell for the last Air Defence, the most distant one from the other two. For this Air Defence you will keep 2 Balloons+a freezing spell/healing spell. The Lava Hounds which survived the other 2 Air Defences will obviously target the third one, the last remaining. In most bases, it will take a lot for the balloons to reach it, so you need to be prepared for this Air Defence or else it can ruin your attack and make it a 2 star instead of a 3 star attack! In the situation when you failed to destroy any Air Defences with your golem+ heroes, you need to start the attack just like in an usual LavaLoonion Attack, praying that you will get at most two stars.


I will not explain the whole attack; if you want an explanation for all the steps, check the chapter before this. This video is for the only purpose of showing all the steps explained above in action and pointing at the most important aspects!

  1. The Golem 2 Wall Breakers are deployed on the top side of the base. (Minute 00:08)
  2. The wizards are spread a little behind the golem to ensure the path of the heroes. (Minute 00:09)
  3. Both the heroes are deployed once the base was opened and the wizards did their job. (Minute 00:12)
  4. The other 2 Wall Breakers are deployed to assure a clear and direct path to the Defender's Archer Queen. (Minute 00:18)
  5. The King uses the path created at the point above. Without that the king would just be wasted. (Minuted 00:22)
  6. The CC troops are out. Attention on Queen and her ability, to activate it on the best moment possible. (Minute 00:44)
  7. The faith of the Queen is decided, there is no need to waste any more time. Start deploying the LavaLoonion. (Minute 01:06)
  8. Notice the area which the lavaloonion covered; the entire bottom side of the base. (Minute 01:15)
  9. The last rage spell is deployed right in the centre of the base to ensure the destruction of the last Inferno Tower. (Minute 01:25)
  10. the second and last freeze spell is deployed on the far Inferno Tower. This should give time for balloons to reach it. (Minute 01:30)
  11. Notice the Lava Pups and how spread they are around the base. This is the key for 3 stars. A Lava hound alive at this point would be a disaster for the raid. (Minute 01:47)

Congratulations! You achieved TOTAL DAMAGE!


I will not explain the whole attack; if you want an explanation for all the steps, check the chapter before this. This video is for the only purpose of showing all the steps explained above in action and pointing at the most important aspects!

  1. Drop the first Golem followed by the Queen, the wizards. The Queen was already deployed becasue of the layout of the base which cannot direct her anywhere but inside the base. (Minute 00:13)
  2. After the Mortar's bomb hit the ground, deploy 2 Wall breakers and open the base for the Queen. (Minute 00:16)
  3. Deal with the CC troops and the base as best as you can. (Minute 00:26 - Minute 00:55)
  4. Once the Queen's ability was activated, DO NOT waste any more time. Deploy the LavaLoonion. (Minute 00:57)
  5. Deploy the spells just like in an usual LavaLoonion attack. (Minute 01:00 - Minute 01:15)
  6. Like I suggeted you, keep a freezing spell for the third Air Defence. Deploy it when you consider it's the time. (Minute 01:20)
  7. The last Lava Hound is destroyed! This is a good thing in this attack. (Minute 01:45)
  8. Up until the end it's only about clean-up and time efficiency.

Congratulations! You achieved TOTAL DAMAGE!

NOTE: This attack strategy is the most powerful I know, that powerful that it can take down a completely maxed TH10. However, it is a very complicated technique and there will always be mistakes with these attacks, it is not the perfect technique so don't expect to always win with it.

This is all the information for the GoLaLoon attack! Thank you!

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