LavaLoonion - Attack Strategy - Clash of Clans

LavaLoonion - Attack Strategy - Clash of Clans

LavaLoonion - Attack Strategy

REMEMBER: Most of the times they key of the lavaLoonion attacks are the heroes! Low level heroes don't go well with LavaLoonion attack strategy!

Characterization: The aim for this attack strategy usually are 2 star attacks! However, with the help of two high level heroes, 3 stars are also an option for LavaLoonion attacks!

The LavaLoonion attack strategy is mainly used by high levels players, since it is available only from TH9+. The name of this attack strategy comes from the 2 main troops which form this duo, the Lava Hound and the Balloon. Even if the name of this attack strategy is LavaLoonion, the Minion is an indispensable asset of the strategy!

Things to consider! Must Read!
  • For the LavaLoonion attack strategy, it is not required to drag the CC troops out! However, if dragging them is fairly easy, dragging them is not excluded. Read the "Let's attack" chapter to see more about dragging the CC troops.
  • Spell placement is KEY of this attack! A Rage Spell or a Freeze Spell misplaced can totally make the difference between a 1 star and 3 stars!
  • Some people may consider this attack strategy easy, and it is fairly easy for a 2 star attack. However, in order to achieve total damage with this attack strategy you will also need some skill!
  • As mentioned before, high level heroes are a key of this attack strategy! You may find yourself stuck to get the 50% if you will use low level heroes.
  • Always locate the position of the Air Defence buildings! The LavaLoonion counts on the Lava Hounds to tank for the Balloons and if the Air Defence is on the side of the base, the Lava Hound will only take a small portion of the damage.
  • This attack strategy will ONLY work on some type of bases! It is not the perfect attack!
  • If the Archer Queen is on the side of the base, deal with her using your Heroes! It is essential to take care of the Queen if this is an easy option, because she can ruin a LavaLoonion attack. -! Do not take Balloons in the CC! They need to be spread out so it is better to have them as normal troops and have full control of how many are deployed and where.
Army composition:

TH8: This attack strategy is NOT available at TH8! The lack of the Lava Hound at TH8 makes it impossible to use LavaLoonion for TH8.


Option 1 Option 2
Troops CC Spells Troops CC Spells
3 Lava Hounds 17 Balloons 20 Minions 1 Lava Hound 3 Rage Spells 1 Lightning Spell 3 Lava Hounds 20 Balloons 15 Minions 1 Lava Hound 3 Rage Spells 1 Healing Spell
TOTAL: 220 troops + 30 in CC 4 spells 220 troops + 30 in CC 4 spells

NOTE: The level of the Heroes has to be as HIGH as possible!


Option 1

Troops CC Spells
3 Lava Hounds
20 Balloons
21 Minions
4 Wall Breakers
1 Lava Hound
1 Balloon
3 Rage Spells
2 Freeze Spells
TOTAL: 240 troops
+ 35 in CC
5 spells

NOTE: The level of the Heroes has to be as HIGH as possible!

Let's attack!
  1. Locate the position of the Air Defence building within the base you are facing. Case A: DO NOT ATTACK CASE A using LavaLoonion!

The base from the case A is a really not adequate one for a LavaLoonion attack! This base from Case A is meant to bring the Lava Hounds in the centre of the base, thus leaving the Balloons and Minions unprotected and a perfect target of the Wizard Towers and the Archer Towers. Also, the Lava Hound having to travel half the base, it will most certainly grab all the Seeking Air Mines which will totally kill them, thus wasting them instead of offering protection.

Case B:

Only attack this base only if you know what you are doing with the LavaLoonion! If you have any doubts with this attack strategy try to avoid this base! This base is also against your LavaLoonion troops. It makes the Air Defences fairly accessible and easy to reach but once the first two of them are destroyed, the Lava Hounds will travel THE ENTIRE BASE up to the other side of it to reach the remaining Air Defences, thus grabbing all the Air Mines and either dying in the process or getting to very low health. In any case, this situation will also leave your Balloons and Minions unprotected against pretty much the entire base.

Case C:

The base shown at Case C is one example of a fairly good base for a LavaLoonion Attack! All you need to think about when picking a base for the LavaLoonion attacks is where the Air Defences are and what would be the path of the Balloons and the Lava Hounds within the base. At the Case C, a LavaLoonion attack coming from the top would bring the remaining Lava Hounds to the bottom of the base and would provide enough tanking for the Balloons to achieve at least 2 stars (50% + TH).

  1. If it is fairly possible and easy, drag the CC troops to the corner using 3-4 Minions and then drop a balloon on top of the packed CC troops. The troops that survived the balloon should be dealt with using couple more Minions. This step is meant to help you clear the CC troops by exchanging 6-7 minions to get the job done; if you do not remove them they may ruin an attack e.g. A Dragon in CC. If you do not have the possibility to drag the CC or simply don't want to, then go to the next step. NOTE: Do not use the heroes to deal with the CC troops. They need to be kept and used in case they will need to break in to destroy the Town hall or if you will need couple more % points for the 50% victory.

  2. It is only at this step where we actually start the attack! Start by dropping 2 Lava Hounds on one side of the base you decide to attack from, and another 2 on the other side you are planning to come from. DO NOT drop all 4 Lava Hounds against one Air Defence because that will just make the base kill them quicker because of the splash damage (Wizard Towers+Air Traps).

  3. After you dropped all your 4 Lava Hounds, it is time to drop the Balloons. You will drop half of them behind each of the 2 packs of Lava Hounds, BUT will not drop them all in one spot. The Balloons need to be placed in a line on each side of the base you decided to attack from, to ensure an equally distributed damage upon the defences of the base. This will also make the balloons finish faster with the far defences and move quicker to the central core.

  4. This step is quite a small one, where you will just drop your Minions behind your Balloons to ensure a total clearing of that side of the base, not only of the defences but also of the junk buildings. The minions should be dropped fairly later than the Balloons so that they won't waste time attacking the defences which will be dealt with by the Balloons, but will also not be destroyed by a splash damage dealing unit.

  5. At this point it is the time to drop the first spells, those being the Rage Spells. Drop one Rage spell on each of the sides you decided to attack from, usually in the middle of that side. This is also the step where the Balloons will reach the first Air Defences and kill them, making the Lava Hounds advance further into the base, still providing protection for the Balloons.

  6. This step now will be split between the TH9 and TH10. TH9: At this step, TH9s will drop their last Rage Spell and their one Healing spell in the middle of the base where usually the Teslas are, the Xbows and the Heroes. TH10: At this step, TH10s will drop both of their Freezing Spells in the central core, to cover the Inferno Towers and whatever they can catch more around the Infernos (preferably the Queen, the CC or Teslas). Finally, they will drop their last Rage spell also in the central core, to help the Balloons have enough speed and damage to finish all the buildings before they get out of the Freeze effect.

  7. This step will also be split, this time between four possible situations at this point. Situation A: The Balloons successfully survived the central core and are now moving to the other half of the base. In this situation, you will appreciate where the Balloons will go, and will drop your heroes on the opposite side so that the balloons will clear their side and will not have to move any more but will start clearing the remaining buildings. Situation B: The Town Hall did not fall BUT the central defences are cleared and the Minions can deal with the CC. In this situation you will also drop your heroes in hopes they will be enough to get the 3rd star. Situation C: You achieved 50% and the first star, but the TH did not fall and there are several defences left in the middle, which will make it impossible for the Minions to get the 2nd star. At this point it is very risky to go for 3 stars so the wisest choice will be to try to get your heroes in the central core and grab the 2nd star. Situation D: You did not achieve 50% and the TH did not fall, having several defences left surrounding it. This is the toughest situation and you will need to appreciate very well your status, your level of heroes and the chances you have to get the TH. In some cases in this situation you can get both the 50% and the TH by going with your heroes straight to the central core, BUT it is very risky and you can end up with NO STARS and a painful 48% or 49% attack.

Congratulations! You achieved TOTAL DAMAGE! or if not .. 2 stars ALSO ROCK!

NOTE: This strategy is known to be the quickest attack possible and may be considered by some fairly easy but it's not! Spell placement is CRUCIAL in this attack strategy so pay attention to your spells and where you place them!

This is all the information for the LavaLoonion attack strategy! Thank you!

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