Danger Zone

Explore base: Danger Zone - Boss Fight map

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Danger Zone - Boss Fight  map
Available on
  • Event: Boss Fight


  • Red Sandstone Block: 123
  • Wooden Fence: 96
  • Cactus: 34
  • Lake: 34

Danger Zone is an official map for the Boss Fight event.


  • This map has multiple lakes. The lakes are long like Thousand Lakes. There are also a lot of obstacles that can get in your way, so it's best to get rid of them.


  • Darryl is probably most useful on this map since he can just roll across the water when he's at low health. If he's the only one alive and if he's at very low health, use his super to go across the water.
  • Just like Darryl, El Primo, if he's the only one and he's in danger, he has the ability to jump across the water to give himself an extra jump range. You can literally jump the map with El Primo which is why he's also as good as Darryl.
  • The robo can't destroy the scarce amount of walls at the easier levels of Boss Fight, so take advantage of the walls to dodge the Boss's bullet pattern.