Table Flip

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Table Flip - Big Game  map
Available on
  • Event: Big Game


  • Wooden Box: 75
  • Barrel: 14
  • Bush: 106

Table Flip is an official map for the Big Game event.


  • The map as the name suggest have blocks shaped in a form of a table with 4 bushes placed diagonally starting from the corner, there are also formations of barrels and boxes possibly preventing sharpshooters to shoot instantly.


  • For sharpshooters they need to hit diagonally and use the walls to their advantage so there isn't much possibly for the Big Brawler to get you unless they are a thrower.
  • For throwers they need to stick to walls a shoot from there especially if playing as a big brawler.
  • For heavyweights and assassins they need to charge their Super in case of a profitable moment and need to stick with the walls to avoid being killed. If that certain type is the Big Brawler then they need to use their Super to get away from the opposing brawlers and attack if they come too close.
  • In this map, use brawlers that do a lot of damage instead of tanks, as there are many bushes to hide in.
  • The Big Brawler is able to use walls for defense, forcing smaller brawlers to go around. Just be careful for brawlers that could destroy walls.