10 Tips for Beginners, Newbie in Clash of Clan 2019

If you read carefully and remember the point I have mentioned below, I assure you that you can avoid some of the most common mistakes many new players make in the beginning.

10 Tips for Beginners, Newbie in Clash of Clan 2019

Clash of clan is undoubtedly one of the popular and most played game, I have played this game for more than 4 years now and I have learned a lot of things. If you read carefully and remember the point I have mentioned below, I assure you that you can avoid some of the most common mistakes many new players make in the beginning.

1. Save your gems.


Gems can be used to speed up your constructions but your first priority should be to buy the builders. Only having a free builder can let you start a new construction and the maximum number of builders in the game is 5, so try to get them as fast as you can. Unless you are willing to empty your wallet to buy gems, consider saving it from the beginning.

2. COC is a game of patience.


Don’t rush to the next level! you don’t know what you are asking for! I have seen People rush themselves to higher town hall levels leaving their defenses underdeveloped, become an easy target for resources and war which is really disappointing for both the players himself and his clan mates. Upgrade your town hall only after you max out the other structures.

3.Use mass barbarian attack, Barch attack, and giant goblin combo for farming

Try these attacks and you can select any one that you are confident and feel comfortable. These attacks are very cheap and effective You can check out my th5 attack strategies for more details about these attack strategies

4. The base design is very important.

Don’t design your base to make it look beautiful instead design your base in such a way that it is good for defending your resources, trophy pushing, and anti 3 stars during clan wars. Base design will be different for each of these aspects. There are tons of base design available online for each of these activities. Select any one that you like and built it.

5. Actively participate in clan wars.

You will have 2 attacks for every clan war. Use both attacks and try your best to three-star enemy bases It is also the fastest way to earn gems. Every star that you earn in clan war will contribute to your achievement score and once you complete these achievements you will be rewarded with gems.

6. Unlock your achievements.

Achievements are a list of things for you to complete and once you complete them you will be rewarded with gems and amount of gems will also differ with achievements.

7. While designing your base for clan wars, try to spread them out.

If you cannot three star your opponent, don’t let your opponent three star you.

8. Upgrade your troops

Upgrading your troops is as equally important as upgrading your defense structure. You don’t want to be good just in defending but also in attack.

9.Don’t expose your resources storage

Knowing how difficult and tedious it is to collect resources you don’t want to expose your resources storage when designing your base.

10. It is a game, treat it like a game and try to enjoy!

This is just my personal opinion and if you think I have missed any important tips, leave a comment and also if you feel this post is helpful please leave a comment as it would help this blog a lot, Thank you.

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