Builder Base Layouts - Builder Hall Base with Links - page 3

Download Copy Link Base, Maps, Layouts for Builder Hall 4 - 8 with anti 3 stars - page 3

 BH7 Trophy Base v17
a month ago1400 Views747 Downloads22 Likes
BH4 top base v5
a month ago1453 Views644 Downloads15 Likes
 BH7 Farm Base v16
a month ago617 Views228 Downloads2 Likes
 BH7 Trophy Base v15
a month ago605 Views141 Downloads1 Likes
 BH8 Best Base v9 - anti 2 star
a month ago1028 Views574 Downloads15 Likes
 BH8 Best Base v7 - anti 2 star
a month ago569 Views219 Downloads5 Likes
 BH8 Best Base v6
a month ago203 Views33 Downloads1 Likes
BH5 Best Base v14 - anti 2 star
a month ago3947 Views2863 Downloads71 Likes
BH6 Hybrid Base v12
a month ago678 Views152 Downloads2 Likes
 BH8 Best Base v5
a month ago266 Views31 Downloads1 Likes
BH9 Trophy Base v12
a month ago1753 Views743 Downloads35 Likes
BH9 Trophy Base v10
a month ago661 Views175 Downloads13 Likes
BH9 Trophy, Farm Base v9
a month ago349 Views46 Downloads3 Likes
BH6 Farm Base v9
a month ago2697 Views1917 Downloads44 Likes
BH9 Trophy Base v8
a month ago420 Views100 Downloads0 Likes
BH9 Trophy Base v7
a month ago541 Views168 Downloads5 Likes
BH9 Best Base v6
a month ago410 Views78 Downloads3 Likes