Builder Base Layouts - Builder Hall Base with Links - page 4

Download Copy Link Base, Maps, Layouts for Builder Hall 4 - 8 with anti 3 stars - page 4

BH9 Best Base v6
a month ago410 Views78 Downloads3 Likes
BH5 Best Base v13
a month ago1436 Views590 Downloads14 Likes
BH9 Best Base - Anti 2 Star v5
a month ago732 Views323 Downloads7 Likes
BH6 - Ring base v8
a month ago1220 Views673 Downloads18 Likes
BH6 - Anti night witch, giant Base v7
a month ago1250 Views792 Downloads18 Likes
 BH7 Best Base v10
a month ago1119 Views501 Downloads7 Likes
 BH8 Best Base v4
a month ago1188 Views775 Downloads23 Likes
BH5 Slammer base
a month ago4618 Views3653 Downloads63 Likes
 BH7 Trophy Base v8
2 months ago2414 Views1760 Downloads54 Likes
 BH7 Trophy Base v7
2 months ago394 Views90 Downloads3 Likes
BH 5 Farm / trophy v13
2 months ago1457 Views744 Downloads17 Likes
BH7 Best Base v6 - anti 2 star
2 months ago1488 Views668 Downloads17 Likes
BH5 Best Base v12
2 months ago3766 Views2691 Downloads53 Likes
BH5 Best Base v11
2 months ago1168 Views511 Downloads9 Likes
New TH 12 War/CWL/Legends Base v95
2 months ago339 Views148 Downloads1 Likes
BH6 Best Base v6
2 months ago1385 Views544 Downloads21 Likes
BH5 Best Base v10
2 months ago705 Views249 Downloads2 Likes