Builder Base Layouts - Builder Hall Base with Links - page 7

Download Copy Link Base, Maps, Layouts for Builder Hall 4 - 8 with anti 3 stars - page 7

BH4 top base v1
2 months ago900 Views252 Downloads3 Likes
The best base BH4 - anti everything
3 months ago3302 Views2607 Downloads48 Likes
BH6 push base
3 months ago2883 Views2334 Downloads63 Likes
BH8 Trophy Base anti witch
3 months ago263 Views79 Downloads3 Likes
The best base BH3
3 months ago84 Views4 Downloads0 Likes
BH8 Anti 3 Star Base push to 3000 trophies
3 months ago277 Views70 Downloads3 Likes
BH8 Square base
3 months ago236 Views51 Downloads0 Likes
BH8 Square base
3 months ago880 Views614 Downloads10 Likes
Enjoying BH9 work well Base
3 months ago197 Views40 Downloads3 Likes
BH6 This base is a anti night witch
3 months ago278 Views84 Downloads4 Likes
BH8 Base Great anti air / dreaded witches.
3 months ago339 Views120 Downloads0 Likes
BH6 Anti Night Witch Base
3 months ago167 Views30 Downloads0 Likes
3 months ago244 Views62 Downloads0 Likes
BH6 Strong base
3 months ago1359 Views935 Downloads25 Likes
Perfect BH8 Base Works well, 4200+ Trophies
3 months ago352 Views161 Downloads4 Likes
BH 8 Base Anti Air
3 months ago244 Views76 Downloads2 Likes
BH9 Layout 4500+ Trophies
3 months ago432 Views143 Downloads1 Likes